Harley and Snow Hill Climbing
Mallorca Bike Week 2022

Harley & Snow is looking for a new location!

Statement from Harley&Snow in Ridnaun:

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that there will no longer be an opportunity to hold a Harley&Snow in Ridnaun.

We as the OK team have even managed to create a “green concept” and will also implement this at other EVENTS.

I would personally like to thank all the clubs, all the hotels, guesthouses, holiday apartments, the TVB, the mayor, even the youth of Ridnaun and everyone involved who tried everything not to lose the event.

Thank you all for your commitment!!!

But unfortunately there is always someone who is against it and so we all have to bow and give in to the “power word”.

We wanted to prove that we also stand by our word.

We wanted to implement a new sustainable concept.

1903 Harley-Davidson bells

But unfortunately none of this has any value...

It's a real shame considering what happened to the event! What it has brought to the clubs and tourism. The media value and TV broadcasts for this were terrific!

RIP Harley&Snow in Ridnaun.

But we're not giving up and are already looking for a new location to keep our new sustainable Harley&Snow event alive!!!

News follow!!!

The date would always be mid-March.

So see you soon dear H&S friends, we'll be in touch!!!

Lyrics: Harley & Snow

2023 House Of Thunder Harley-Davidson Lübeck

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