Part 1 – USA Tour Story | Start of the USA West Coast Tour in Germany

Greatest Test Rides 1 | Start of the USA West Coast Tour in Germany

Actually, the ultimate is the Harleywood at Lake Faak , where the show takes place every year, but now the trip is to Hollywood . Everything you have to have with you! Pack your best friend, camera equipment, the new Panono 360° camera , Sony X1000VR action camera Cardo Scarla Rider G9X communication set . The new AudiogydeMe app is being tested, a Hamburg start-up company has launched this app and we will try it out.

But at the top of the list is, “Try the Tchibo USA West Coast Tour” ! And that's what we're going to do, it's a Harley tour , the hotels are included, as are the Harleys from EagleRider and the flight with a renowned airline. In our case it's Lufthansa, we take off from Hamburg and get on this giant A380 . This is also the first time for me and I find it really exciting to travel with this big plane.

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Part 2 – USA Tour Story | Arrival in Los Angeles

On the trail of Easy Rider, in the southwest of the USA

[caption id="attachment_5683" align="alignleft" width="260"]Los Angeles-3495 Route 66 Santa Monica - Los Angeles[/caption]Our flight went from Hamburg, via Frankfurt with the big Lufthansa A 380 Airbus, across the pond Los Angeles. The time has come, we have arrived in the world metropolis of stars and starlets.

The airport is quite big, the signs show us the way to immigration, there are two ways, if you have already been in the country you have to go to the right and if you want to enter the country for the first time you should go in the left queue. Anyone who has filled out everything correctly on the questionnaire that is given to them on the plane will be allowed into the country after some identification measures. You should fill out the card in block letters and definitely legibly. The immigration officers are not necessarily the friendliest people, but if everything is OK, you will be welcomed.

But we see things in a relaxed manner, we have no time pressure and it is still early in the day. It is advisable to pocket a few dollars in advance, although a lot can be done using a credit card, but you can also pay for small things with dollars. In Los Angeles there is always a hustle and bustle at the airport, somewhere you can always see a camera team waiting for the special star, the day before there was the Oscar ceremony on Hollywood Blvd., in this case the success rate is high, one of the stars is on airport.

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Part 4 – USA Tour Story | Now comes the hot ride into the Mojave Desert

On the Harley's we experience the indescribable Death Valley desert

The night was short, we fell out of bed early because we were far too curious about where we ended up in the night. The drive to Death Valley was very exciting, at times it got pretty cold on the tour and we even ran into coyotes, but at night it could also be a cougar, but now the sun has already risen It's really nice and warm around our noses. Harley’s are right in front of the door , the Stovepipe Wells Hotel is really cool, we got a little cowboy feeling when we saw the saloon and the breakfast room.

Old rustic wood and many pictures from the cowboy and Indian era hang on the wall, a great feeling when you think that John Wayne once rode here and drew his gun countless times. We all know the films that were often filmed national park It is one of the hottest places on earth in summer; we had very pleasant temperatures over 30 degrees in March. At the Stovepipe Wells Hotel they offer two breakfast options, one standard and the buffet which we chose, if you like scrambled eggs for breakfast you need the upgrade, I mean it was $8 but worth it.

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Part 5 – USA Tour Story | Two days of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon await us

Las Vegas – Show – Gambling Stars and Starlets

Grand Canyon – The wind whips through our faces at the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas doesn't have to appeal to everyone, our plan is to spend two nights there. Personally, it's a bit too much hustle and bustle for us, but we're also more outdoorsy types and feel a lot more comfortable in the vastness outside of the cities.  

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An adventurous Harley tour on the west coast of the USA

Part 6 – USA Tour Story – Needles – Palm Springs – San Diego – Los Angeles

Greatest Test Rides 6 – We drive the old Route 66 – Palm Springs – San Diego and up the coast to Los Angeles

Today we want to drive the old Route 66 , that's clear, first we're about to check out of the hotel . There is a gas station next to our hotel, where we get the Harleys ready for the tour . Our day's stage goes to Palm Springs , we are particularly looking forward to this place, it will be a tour of around 450 kilometers.

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