Harley weekend in Lübeck: Now the program is set

Lübeck – Five stages, 30 bands, 3,000 motorcycles and 100,000 visitors – the first Harley Weekend in Lübeck
is set to be the summer event of 2009.

A long weekend of rock 'n' roll: From August 21st to 23rd, the machines of the legendary motorcycle brand will conquer Lübeck. The first Harley Weekend in the Hanseatic city should now attract up to 100,000 visitors and 3,000 two-wheelers with the characteristic roaring engine, according to organizer Sven-Bolko Heck from Medienhaus Heck GmbH. “The interest is huge,” says project manager Simone Feddern. That's why she's significantly increasing the expected number of visitors from initially just 20,000. In April the economic committee gave the green light for the major event, and the program is now in place.

More than 30 bands will play on five stages over three days. Folk music, rock and gentle tones will be heard on the market, on the Obertrave, the Media Docks, possibly in Shed 9 and in the Travemünde Brügmanngarten. For reasons of space, most of the cult brand's machines will be parked in front of the old town - not in the middle of it. “We want to put as little strain on the city center as possible,” says Heck.

The motorcycles should be parked in the parking lot at the music and congress hall, the media docks and the Untertrave.
The background to this decision is discussions with the authorities. That's why the meeting point for the Harley riders will not be on the market as originally planned, but will be moved to the northern Wall Peninsula. Although the main stage is on the market, a program is primarily planned for families. Lotto King Karl will make his appearance on Friday evening. on Saturday and the fashion show on Sunday - only clothes from the cult brand will be presented - including a Miss and Mister election will be moderated by Ross Antony.

Harley Weekend Lübeck

Source Lübecker Nachrichten – Josephine von Zastrow

The latest two-wheelers from Harley Davidson can be admired at the media docks, and on stage there is a rockabilly program, cover bands and a Blues Brothers show. On the stage on the Obertrave, folk music and Eastern rock are more popular, while in Travemünde you can mainly hear softer sounds à la Rolf Zacher. The big exit with the bubbling machines is supposed to lead there - but the route is not yet clear. Discussions are still being held with the authorities here. What is certain is that the Corso runs from Lübeck to Travemünde and ends in Brügmanngarten.

Everything about Harleys that is expensive should be presented there. Because if your iconic motorcycle isn't iconic enough, you can have it converted - and see what it can look like in Travemünde. In Lübeck, Heck hopes that retailers will get involved - decorate shop windows and maybe even open longer on Saturdays. impressed by the Harley Days : “This is an event that stands out from the museum-like character of the old town.” And tourism boss Andrea Gastager is pleased: “They are an additional element of the season for Lübeck and Travemünde.”

Source Lübecker Nachrichten – Josephine von Zastrow

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