2023 House Of Thunder Harley-Davidson Lübeck

Harley Weekend Lübeck | Now let's get started! The “Spirit of Harley” comes to Lübeck

In Lübeck you can already see that there is something special to experience next week, in the beautiful shopping street, Hüxstrasse, over 50 specialist shops have beautifully decorated their shop windows with Harley-Davidson items. As you can see, the Harley Weekend in Lübeck is welcome, people are looking forward to the visitors who are expected from all over Europe.

On Saturday, after the bike award ceremony on the market square, the bikes will drive to the media docks and then drive from the media docks, guided by the Lübeck police, along the Holstentor to Hüxstrasse at around 2:30 p.m. The bike award participants are invited to coffee and cake from the Hüxstraße community.  

So it's worth visiting the Hanseatic city of Lübeck a little earlier, custom bikes are already on display in the Harder Center and you can also see what's popular in Lübeck at Karstadt and various other companies in Lübeck.

The collaboration with the photo community will also be something special; everyone can upload the pictures they took during the event to the photo community and have the opportunity to win one of five great prizes. The first prize will be a Nikon SLR camera D90 (sponsor Harder Center), the second prize will be an Apple I-pod touch and other prizes (sponsor Gravis Lübeck). The 50 best images, which are pre-selected by the photo community, will be exhibited at the Harder Center in September, where a jury will determine the winner.

Another special feature is the active participation of a group of young Lübeck sprayers; they design the walls for the hall at the Media Docks, in which many exhibitors will present themselves. In addition to the Harley-Davidson representatives, there will also be a sculpture exhibition in the hall, for which a great moonscape will be built as a backdrop. The well-known figures Captain Hook or the aliens were already on display at Karstadt in Lübeck in advance of the event and are only a small part of the extraordinary sculpture exhibition.

There is a lot to see, the Baltic Sail will also take place in Travemünde during the event, so if you want to see a few ships, you should include that in your trip. The exit on Saturday will be to Travemünde, the journey will go through the Herrentunnel, which is certainly a special event.

The classic car exhibition from the Breitenfelde Chapter is being transported from Wasserkuppe Röhn to Lübeck with the SKS Harley truck. Kurt Bohlin has spared no effort to make it possible for us to have the great exhibition in Lübeck. The classic cars will be exhibited on the Northern Wall Peninsula at the Media Docks. Admission is free and definitely worth a look!
I recommend that all bikers first drive to the Wall Peninsula (Media Docks), where you can get more information and program flyers.
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