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Harley Weekend Lübeck | The countdown begins!

saxe.jpgOn Friday it finally starts in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Lübeck. The mayor of Lübeck, Bernd Saxe, has a press appointment with the Lübecker Nachrichten and wishes the organizer every success with the extraordinary project in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. Mr. Saxe actually wanted to take a seat on the Harley-Davidson Road King, but the 2 1/2-year-old from Lübeck is already an enthusiastic motorcycle fan and didn't want to give up the seat.

The first foreign Harley-Davidson machines have already been seen in the city, there is already a lot to see, the specialist shops have already prepared for the international visitors and are showing this in their beautiful displays with lots of Harley-Davidson details.

sks.jpg The Harley-Davidson truck with the vintage cars arrived on the northern Wall Peninsula today; the machines came directly from the Röhn. The Friendships Ride ended successfully there at the weekend. The Harley-Davidson classic cars are part of the HOG Chapter Breitenfelde's classic car collection and are one of the most beautiful Harley-Davidson collections in Europe.



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truck.jpg This was only the first tour that the SKS Bikeshuttle truck driver has completed, he will have to come twice more, once to deliver more Harley material and a full truck with the current Harley-Davidson machines that are intended for the demo ride . There will be 25 Harley-Davidson machines, anyone with a valid motorcycle driving license can take part in a guided demo ride in the beautiful Lübeck area with appropriate safety clothing.





The Harley-Davidson dealer Björn inspected the hall in the Harley Village; he was extremely enthusiastic about the performance of the Lübeck sprayers, who, as can be seen in the photo, show with incredible dedication that spraying can also be art. The sprayer Danni from Lübeck is currently spraying the logo for the HOG Chapter Breitenfelde, which will have its stand in the hall.




oldtimer.jpgVarious dealers will offer their products in the over 100 meter long hall. In addition to Harley-Davidson, there will also be an exhibition of alien sculptures and the HOG Lounge in the hall. As is the case everywhere at the venues associated with the event, entry here free!

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