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the Harley site as a freelance journalist since 2003 and it is still one of the best-known websites on the topic of Harley-Davidson . It is one of the most successful Harley topic pages in Germany, over 75,000 Facebook fans, over a third of which come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can also check the authenticity of the fans very well using Stern TV's Facebook Like Check you can immediately see who has real fans and who doesn't.

events for many years , also thanks to invitations, which is how I have created a sizeable photo database with thousands of photos of bikers and bikes.

The international contacts in the scene have developed over the years, as well as the strong presence in the search engines and in Google News contribute to the wide reach.  

Of course I would be happy if you linked the Harley site on your site.

The signee with the wolf was painted for me on linen by the well-known bike builder and painter Michael Knepper and digitized for the Internet and was made available to me, so I would like to ask you not to use the signee for other purposes.

Harley-Davidson Insurance 2024

The other logo is a wolf for sites that cannot use portrait format.

Thank you very much.

Simply copy the following code and paste it back into your page as an html code, or use the right mouse button to “save as”, of course I would be happy to help with that, just send a short message.


Harley site banner


https://www.harleysite.de/images/stories/logo/2015/harleysite-logo.png ” alt=”harleysite.png” height=”60″ border=”0″ title=”Harleysite” />

Harley site banner
https://www.harleysite.de/images/banners/harleysite.png ” alt=”harleysite.jpg” height=”60″ border=”0″ title=”Harleysite” />

https://www.harleysite.de/images/stories/food/volker-wolf_harleysite.jpg ” alt=”harleysite.jpg” height=”210″ style=”margin: 5px;
border: #534b57 1px dashed” title=”Harleysite” />


For dark background
https://www.harleysite.de/images/stories/logos/harleysite/harleysite-new.jpg ” alt=”harleysite-new.jpg” height=”235″ style=”margin: 5px;
border: #534b57 1px dashed” title=”Harleysite” />


For light background



https://www.harleysite.de/images/stories/logos/harleysite/harleysite.png alt=”harleysite.png” height=”210″ style=”margin: 5px;
border: #534b57 1px dashed” title=”Harleysite” />






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