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If you are a Harley-Davidson fan, then you will like the blog with all its information about Harley-Davidson. News and lots of other information about the hobby and a lot of Harley-Davidson event information, plus thousands of photos and videos from the hottest meetings and custom bike trade fairs.

There will be a lot to experience again in 2017. Before the season starts again, the roadmap for 2017 will be planned. And it will be long again in 2017, in addition to a few must-see events like the Hamburg Harley Days, there will also be something new.

New tours are waiting and this year it will go all the way north to beautiful Norway to the North Cape and back via Finland, the tour is at the top of the list.

Of course, there are also test rides and travel tips to very interesting destinations that will make the Harley rider's heart beat faster.

More than just riding a motorcycle, you can live a Harley-Davidson, don't put your dreams aside.

a new Harleysite video on YouTube, it shows many scenes from last year and a few other unforgettable memories.


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