New addition to the management of the SKS family (from left to right Adrian Kießling, Andreas Scholz, Kevin Kießling)
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Andreas Scholz, known to many as managing director of Custom Chrome Europe, the wholesaler for Harley-Davidson accessories and spare parts from Grolsheim, will be joining the management of SKS in Mogendorf as general manager from May 1st.

Mogendorf, May 5, 2021

He knows a lot about logistics and motorcycles too, because as managing director of Custom Chrome Europe, he was not only responsible for the quick and smooth distribution of motorcycle parts throughout Europe and the Middle East, but also for the new construction of the standard-setting European logistics center . The business economist sees himself as a generalist with a focus on marketing/sales and also prefers to travel by motorcycle in his private life.

In a previous life he even hosted trips on Harleys, which made him even more desirable to the SKS team. His versatility in terms of marketing and international logistics experience will further advance the currently booming SKS transport business and SKS customers can look forward to a contact who already knows their wishes from the customer side.

Andreas Scholz, General Manager of SKS World in Mogendorf
Andreas Scholz, General Manager of SKS World in Mogendorf

“I am extremely pleased to be working in an owner-managed family business again, and also close to my home in the Rhineland,” says Scholz. “I have known the company for a long time. SKS not only transports CCE's show bikes with all of the trade fair equipment, but also sets up and dismantles the indoor and outdoor trade fair stands.

Always on time, safe and reliable in every respect. All material can even be stored in our own logistics park. A huge relief and extremely economical solution for my company at the time.

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In addition, I was always impressed by the personal competence and at all levels. Starting with the flexibility and customer orientation of the management through the scheduling to the deployment of the drivers on site.

I have also traveled with SKS and still fondly remember the wonderful curves without traffic in Andalusia. It’s fantastic when you don’t have to tear up endless kilometers of motorway to drive such beautiful routes.”

“The demands on our businesses are increasing, from classic freight forwarding and bike shuttles to logistics parks through to travel and marketing services,” explains Adrian Kießling, managing partner of SKS World. “In addition, customer-specific solutions are one of our strengths, but they are complex. With his experience and his passion for motorcycles, Andreas is the ideal person to relieve us of management tasks in all business areas, so that the family members can concentrate more on the specific tasks.”

“I am happy to have a sparring partner with comprehensive senior experience in Andreas,” adds Kevin Kießling, also managing partner of SKS GmbH. “As my parents want to withdraw more and more from the business in the future, his support is increasingly helpful for my sister Kim and me and his perspective from the customer side is extremely valuable. I am very pleased that he is part of our SKS family from today onwards.”

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