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Heldrungen / Nordhausen Traffic accident with personal injury between a Harley-Davidson and a VW

Late on Saturday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. there was a collision between a car and a motorcycle on Oldislebener Weg from Heldrungen station. In the construction site area there was a collision between the Harley and the VW, as a result of which the Harley driver fell. The 55-year-old motorcyclist was taken to hospital in Sömmerda with a suspected foot fracture, while the 45-year-old VW driver escaped with a shock. The total accident damage cannot currently be quantified, but amounts to a mid-four-digit amount.

Police note:

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If the weather is nice at the weekend, you can expect increased traffic from motorized two-wheelers to and from Kyffhäuser in the district! The resulting dangers should also be taken into account by other road users!

Nordhausen State Police Inspectorate/Kyffhäuser Police Inspectorate

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