Müller Hydro Clutch - clutching easier with Müller

Clutch easily with the Hydro Clutch or Power Clutch from Müller Motorcycles AG

The lightest clutch ever! Müller lands the next hit Hydro Clutch How easy should a clutch be?

How comfortable to pull? Opinions differ on this question. Some prefer it hard, others prefer it comfortable.

Hydro clutch

Hydro Clutch clutch relief from Müller Motorcycles
Clutch relief Hydro Clutch from Müller Motorcycles

For those who prefer the second variant, Müller Motorcycle AG a specialist in clutch relief . The triumphant march began in 2002 with the Power Clutch .

A clutch relief for all Bowden cable operated clutches for Sportster and Big Twin Evolution , Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight models.

As a logical extension, the Upper Bavarian manufacturer brought the Hydro Clutch onto the market at the beginning of 2019. The Hydro Clutch is THE clutch relief for all hydraulically operated clutches for Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight models.

Power clutch

Power Clutch clutch relief from Müller Motorcycles
Clutch relief Power Clutch from Müller Motorcycles

Since engines have ever higher torques, correspondingly harder clutch springs have to be installed. This comes at the expense of comfort. This makes the clutch very hard and uncomfortable to pull.  

With the Hydro Clutch, Müller promises a full 45% relief when pulling the clutch. The miracle part should be installed quickly and invisibly and is also maintenance-free. I wanted to convince myself of the function and ease of use of the Hydro Clutch .

What can I say, WOW. Even the first time you pulled it, you had the feeling that you couldn't pull the Harley clutch anymore. In a direct comparison to a bike without a hydro clutch, the relief was clearly noticeable. Now I was curious to see how the Hydro Clutch felt while driving.

When I started driving for the first time, I noticed that the pressure point of the clutch had moved significantly closer to the handle. Is this good or bad? You can now modulate the clutch much more comfortably, especially when starting off or stopping and going.

Product presentation on YouTube

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz6xHFVNwuM&width=950&height=534&rel=0[/embedyt]

I find it pleasant because the pressure point on the original clutch is very far back. The clutch only disengaged after the lever was pulled halfway.

The first few kilometers were still a bit unusual. Different pressure point, barely noticeable resistance when clutching. Actually very far from what we know from Harley .

But I got used to the new (light) clutch very quickly and after a short time I can no longer imagine driving with the original (hard) clutch again.

 The manufacturer states that the assembly should only be installed in a specialist workshop. You should plan about an hour for the assembly. The Hydro Clutch costs €299 and is available from your local (including a Harley-Davidson authorized dealer)


Note: This information was provided in cooperation with Müller Motorcycles AG.

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