In Washington, Memorial Day was traditionally celebrated by veterans.

30 years of “Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom”

The holiday to commemorate fallen soldiers is traditionally celebrated with a Harley-Davidson parade in Washington. This memorial day is celebrated in the USA on the last Monday in May. The holiday originated in 1868, when the American Civil War was raging in the land of unlimited opportunity. After the First World War, Memorial Day, in contrast to Veterans Day, was particularly dedicated to the fallen soldiers.

These days, machines have arrived from all over the country to show respect together in Washington in memory of the war dead of past wars that they have not been forgotten.

A soldier stands in a line and the parade passes by in salute. The parade was broadcast on Fox News.

Many patriots have attached their US flag to their Harley to show their solidarity with the outside world.

It's no secret that Trump has many supporters, especially among bikers; a delegation from Harley-Davidson was one of the first US companies to be invited to visit the Oval Office. However, he is currently in Europe and couldn't be there that day.



Happening Now: 30th Annual Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom. #ProudAmerican

Posted by Fox News on Sunday, May 28, 2017

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