Jacks Inn 54 T-Shirt Collection
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JACKS INN 54 will be starting the t-shirt business with one of the best designers

JACKS INN 54, the fashion label for the rocky, rough look that has so far attracted attention primarily through leather bags and purses, is now presenting a new designer, Axel Hermann, who is causing a stir with his first T-shirt collection.

Axel Hermann, born in Dortmund in 1968, began drawing at the age of four. When a classmate made contact with a well-known heavy metal label in 1988, it was the start of his freelance work as a heavy metal cover artist. Initially specifically for the early releases in the area of ​​European death metal, where the cover was just as important as the music and which are now classics of their genre. Many of the bands were later able to achieve top 10 success with covers designed by Axel.

Most of his covers can be seen in the book “The Art of Axel Hermann”. To this day, alongside scene artists such as Dan Seagrave, Vincent Locke and Kristian Wåhlin, he is considered one of the cover designers who have had a decisive influence on the visual aesthetics of the genre. The first contact with the JACKS INN 54 brand took place at the Tattoo Convention 2018 in Dortmund, which was then deepened at the bar at the Metal Cruise in the same year.

Jacks Inn 54 T-Shirt Collection
from left Ralf Ebkemeier, Günter Dränle, Axel Hermann

JACKS INN 54 has become a meeting place where a wide variety of people and scenes come together. Whether they are bikers, rockers, tuners, classic car lovers or other individualists. With his first collection for the brand, Axel Hermann is showing new facets that will not disappoint the brand's fans. The proud owner of a 1988 Harley Davidson FXRS has now become an integral part of the JACKS INN 54 crew and we are looking forward to the upcoming designs.

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Bands / Cover art: Asphyx, Sodom, Edguy, Moonspell, Rose Tattoo, and many more
Festivals / Merch: Rock Hard Festival, Bang Your Head Festival, PartySan Festival, Velden Village

JACKS INN 54 – This is a rough, characterful, uncompromising and nostalgic vintage lifestyle that is aimed at people who have a preference for traditional values, good craftsmanship, quality and individuality paired with a pinch of independence and freedom.

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