Jan Hofer on the Harley-Davidson - Hamburg Harley Days 2016
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Jan Hofer says goodbye to the Tagesschau after 35 years

"You take care!" He said at the end of his last Tagesschau and now, after 35 years as a Tagesschau news anchor, he is retiring at the age of 68.

And what comes next? This is the question that some people ask themselves when they suddenly have to experience that everyday life is now different. It is always said to us Harley riders that we are mostly old farts and there are no more young people coming along. At some point we have actually aged so far and suddenly we are faced with a completely new life plan.

However, one always forgets that in recent years many women have discovered riding Harleys and one must remember that we Harley riders are in a price-demanding segment. And especially at the appropriate age, many motorcyclists from other manufacturers also end up finding their way to the Harley-Davidson .

Jan Hofer on the Harley-Davidson - Hamburg Harley Days 2016
Jan Hofer on the Harley-Davidson - Hamburg Harley Days 2016

And what is Jan Hofer doing now? What should he want to do, he's retired now and can live into the day. In an interview with the Tagesschau he mentioned that he was thinking about doing podcast

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In any case, the Hamburger has now taken off his tie, this unimportant thing, which has always only followed him anyway, and now he could get out the casual Harley clothes again, at least when the temperatures rise again in spring. Sure, he's not a full-blooded Harley biker, but when he has time, he enjoys it, as he once told Hamburg Harley Days

Harley-Davidson offers you a lot, at least when the world is running in normal mode, and it certainly shows how good it is to have started riding a Harley in time, or to have taken up other hobbies in time.

Jan Hofer likes to ride a Harley-Davidson and we have already seen him ride in the parade at the Hamburg Harley Days . Cool on the move with the jet helmet in Stars and Stripes colors, he is by no means the staid guy you might otherwise think.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neR8RwLiPXo&width=860&height=484&rel=0[/embedyt]

Let's wish him all the best for his retirement and future. Maybe we'll see him more often in the next few years at one of the Harley events that will hopefully take place again!

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