KessTech scrapping bonus for flap exhaust systems

KessTech scrapping bonus – Exchange into legal!

Now your time has come! The regulations are becoming increasingly strict and police checks are becoming more and more frequent. ...just the right time to switch from illegal to legal sound! Swap your non-type-approved exhaust system for a legal KessTech system with European type approval and save €250!

Order your legal KessTech exhaust now from your dealer using the keyword “scrappage bonus”! Configure now!

Your advantages?

• You save €250 per order!
• You get a legal exhaust system and avoid conflicts with the law!
• You get a high-end product with incredible sound!

How do you secure this deal?

• Order from your dealer using the keyword “scrappage bonus” .
• Have the old, illegal exhaust system dismantled and the KessTech system
• Your dealer will send us a picture of the disassembly.
• This offer is valid until December 31, 2020.
• When your exhaust system is replaced, we will collect the “scrap metal” from your dealer. ... You can be excited to see what we plan to do with it

Text and image credits: Copyright KessTech

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