KessTech systems are and remain legal

The traffic bulletin No. 53 Paragraph 2 of February 2, 2018 (LA 27/7352.1/3) discussed in the media on the retrofitting of sound generators. Changes to the control of flap silencer systems and sound generators installed as standard on motor vehicles are not applicable to KessTech systems.

• The traffic gazette announcement only concerns matters that require national review.

• Matters that have already been type-approved under European law do not require a new national review.

• KessTech systems have their own EU type approval and are therefore always permitted (recognizable by the e number for the EU type approval, e.g. e4).

We can still offer motorcyclists a distinctive, but above all legal, sound experience.

And both are possible: have a lot of fun and be considerate at the same time.

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