Kreidler project

When big boys play, things happen like the crazy Kreidler project!

Who doesn't like to remember their youth when they were relaxed and cool with their Kreidler, Zündapp or Herkules? In some parts of the country, Samson was more popular, but they all had one thing in common. Always a can of deposit-free beer on board, many of them had these harmful things called glow sticks, which you could buy without any age restrictions and with 2 D-Marks for 2 bar mixes and a Heiermann (Hamburg slang for a 5 D-Mark piece). Cola and rum were brought to the village disco to impress the young cuties with their bell-bottoms.

Fox tails, large mirrors and a denim vest were also part of it, as was a drilled exhaust and some “tuning” in order to be faster than the urchins from the neighboring village when there was a dispute about the village beauties again. Pretty much 35 years after this 1975 Kreidler was past its prime, Danny Schramm from Schrammwerk, who isn't even as old as the Kreidler, got his hands on it. He finally wanted to have the smell of 2-stroke mixture in his nose again and somewhere in the corner there was definitely a foxtail waiting to be rediscovered.

After a while he decided to resuscitate the Kreidler and as he thought about it over a Coke and Rum with a friend NPJ, he came up with an idea that would escalate within a few weeks. He told friends and customizers about it at an after-show party in Abu Dhabi and the ball was set on what was probably the craziest project in the custom scene.

Kreidler 056

A step by step diary was set up on the social network, whereupon countless manufacturers, suppliers and top customizers immediately got in touch and announced that they also had something similar and whether he could use something else for the “bike”. Thus the Kreidtsler project was born, on which everyone worked with a lot of fun and without doggedness. The big question was what the thing should look like in the end. This was unnecessary as it simply grew.

One of the first people involved was Ehinger Kraftrad, who contributed a 1932 Girder fork from BSA and Ralph Behnken made the steering head to fit. Danny was supposed to have a feeling of Christmas for over 3 months. Packages were constantly arriving with parts, clothes from Rokker , helmets from Bell, specially mixed paints and energy drinks from Airbrush4You, 5 Mark pieces from Andy, rim rings from Armin F., tools from L&M or Louis, etc. …. Which we believe ultimately triggered the postal strike. The last screws that arrived from Biker Schmiede Berlin were installed during the photo shoot.

Next on board was TTS, who made their well-known fat spokes from original Kreidler wheel scars and 23 inch XT-250 rims, which of course didn't fit into the swingarm and fork, which were then modified by the Engels forge. A good Kreidler requires a good drive and that's where Sven Naber from NHPower came into play, who overhauled the engine and tuned it with a carburettor from the carburettor manufacturer Hamburg as well as "small interventions".

Now he was afraid that the clutch wouldn't be able to handle the inhuman power and made a real NHPower clutch with drive.

Kreidler 008Mario from Chopper Kulture was sent measurements via video call to make a 6-ender exhaust and teak lamps. When he milled the headlight and a taillight out of leftover precious wood from one of his yacht projects amidst a lot of bullying and cursing - because he's not that good with wood - he needed two attempts, which resulted in firewood before the lighting made its way from Abu Dhabi Germany took over.

Also from nearby Asten, Sahaf and Nedal from Choppers Kuwait and his team got wind of the campaign and so the handles and footrests were made and shipped in Kuwait. In order to give the handlebars a decent handlebar, the V-Team jumped on board, who made a mini handlebar with internal cables and at the end also made the exhaust manifold.

With the words “never again…and yet again at any time,” Peter handed over the parts, because he also needed two attempts and various changes to make these delicate pieces. Now the project went around the world and the part that traveled the most came from Mike from New Zealand, who is still known to many as “Mr. Streetfighter” from MS Bikes should be familiar. Kreidler 024

Erik from Miami and Gonzo from Bad-Bikes were constantly in conference calls with Danny to find torque and detailed solutions. When Michael Naumann's tank was still in full swing, Ute Jaeckel from Bukaneer Design made a hand-tooled tank insert made of leather, Knut Höger from "Alles Leder" mastered the seat with 2 pfennig pieces from 1975 and Müller Motorcycles also got involved. They made a computer programmed license plate holder and a matching holder on the CNC milling machine.

The project was stripped of paint by S&M, partly powder coated with JS powder coating and took shape and then the next thing happened, probably unique in the scene. Danny invited his great role model Ingo Kruse from Kruse Design and the mega custom painter, Markus Pfeil and Marko Moschner from Spektacolor, to design and paint the Kreidler together. They didn't have to be asked twice either, as they too had memories of their youth flooding back, so they joined in.

As the day of the presentation at the Hamburg Harley Days came closer and closer, time was running out and with the help of Ralf Behnken, a gifted "screwdriver", Swen Naber and the Engel Schmiede crew, who worked through the last few nights, got all the screws on Mokick and getting the electrics in order. “Ralf saved my ass,” said Danny in Hamburg, because I would have given up without him and the kick in the ass that Vivien gave me.

Now a Kreidler doesn't have a lot of electrics, so you have to install an Airride from Michael Naumann at the front and back, which is a bit more complex and here too help came from the north. Jojo, who also belongs to Engels Schmiede and already made the electrical system for the BBO bike, wired the lights, airride and ignition at the last minute. But even under time pressure, the boys still came up with nonsense, so Engels Schmiede redesigned the kicker so that the Kreidtsler is now kicked by hand. Shortly before the photo shoot, some parts from Boss Performance and Bike Schmiede Berlin arrived, which Danny quickly put on the Mokick.

Unfortunately, parts of VauZwo Bikes and Independent Choppers are still missing due to postal reasons, but that will still be the case.
in time for the Harley Days . Olli Schulze took care of this in advance with the “first tank filling” and the Bike House crew put tires on it and was presented as planned, which was a hit with all spectators as well as real bike builders and various Harley dealers brought a joyful smile to their faces and the team could hardly save themselves from explaining and talking to visitors. The Kreidstler is a time machine in which everyone immediately becomes young again.

This little 50 cc monster easily created new business relationships and friendships...

Kreidler 047As easy as it used to be.
In addition, it was all handcrafted and not made into a “custom bike” using catalog parts. In the end, Danny got his old foxtails from Dad's attic, put on his denim vest and probably secretly drank beer and smoked behind the bus stop again. Just during the photo shoot by Thunder Media and Florian from Studio Arva, everyone was beamed into the youth when the police showed up to bring “rioting and rear-wheel-drive teenagers” to their senses.
With the conclusion... "You're crazy...that's awesome!" the sergeant said goodbye and we promised to do better if we weren't taken away in handcuffs. Step by step pictures and friends list can be found on Facebook/Schrammwerk.

Technical data
Name: Danny Schramm Schrammwerk
Construction time: 3 months and approx. 700 hours


Brand/Type: Kreidler “Kreidstler” Florett
Year of construction: 1975
Owner: Schrammwerk
Builder: Danny Schramm, NPJ-Design, Ralph Behnken, Engels Schmiede, NHPower,
Naumann&Co, Chopper Kulture, Bad Bikes, HOT USA, Independent Choppers,
Ehinger Kraftrad, Olli Schulze, House of Custom Newzealand, V-Team, Louis,
Kuwait Choppers, BikeHouse Hamburg, Originals-TTS, Müller Motorcycles

Engine: Kreidler, NHPower
Year of construction: 75
Displacement: 50ccm (the new Big Bore)
Cylinder: Kreidler
Piston: One and now even with 2 piston rings
Cylinder head: painted and ribs ground free
Crankshaft: a must!
Camshaft: also
valves/control: original
Carburettor: Kreidler / Carburettor Manufaktur Hamburg
Air filter: Carburettor Manufaktur Hamburg
Exhaust: 6-Ender from Chopper Kulture, manifold V-Team
Transmission: 4-speed
Primary drive: NHPower
Clutch: NHPower
Secondary drive: NHPower
Chassis: Airride front and rear, Naumann/NHPower/JoJo
Frame: Kreidler Florett Year of construction 1975
Changes: superfluous flexed and then stretched
Fork: year 1932 BSA -Girder, Ehinger motorcycle was lying around like that
Fork bridges: Behnken, V-Team, Engels Schmiede, Naumann
Handlebar: V -Team
Handlebar holder: V-Team
Swingarm: Engels Schmiede, Schrammwerk
Suspension struts: Airride
Wheel front/rear: 23" Armin, TTS, Kreidler, paint Spektacolor
Brake front/rear: Kreidler
Tank: Naumann and Co,
leather tank inlet Buckanear design,
tank cap: Boss Performance Motorcycles
Electrics: Jojo Engels Schmiede, Louis battery booster
Lamps: Real yacht teak with brass from Chopper Kulture Abu Dhabi
Fittings: Kuwait Sahaf and Ned, V-Team
Seat: All leather Knut Höger with 2 pfennig pieces as buttons
Footrests: Kuwait Sahaf and Ned , V-Team
Fairing: Knuckle Cover from TTS
Mudguards: Caferacertool rear built by Danny Schrammwerk
License plate holder: 3D from Müller Motorcycles
Paint: Frame and Bell helmets Danny Schramm, tail section Marcus Pfeil,
left tank side Ingo Kruse, rims Marko Moschner, powder S&M and JS -Powder technology

Curb weight: without fuel 2 KG light
wheelbase: like Sportster
Accessories/Specials: Heiermann from 1975 Andyy, D-Mark pieces from 1975 hidden everywhere, additional tank Independent Choppers and shift light from VauZwo
Internal throttle cable Kuwait Choppers, HandKicker from Jojo, Erik and Schmiddel,

Text: Sander / Schramm

Photo credits: Photos: Frank Sander-Thunder Media Service / F.


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