On October 15th The ladies celebrated at Harley-Davidson Stuttgart

More and more women want to take the motorcycle controls into their own hands. Motorcycle Industry Association estimates that a million motorized two-wheelers are now driven by women in this country. And the success of the first “Ladies Night” in Stuttgart confirms that the objects of female desire are not just small models.

Around 60 motorcycle-loving guests accepted the invitation from Harley-Davidson Stuttgart on October 15th. {mosgoogle}

In addition to the women who already own a Harley , there were numerous like-minded people who had previously only enjoyed motorcycling from the pillion perspective, as well as a number of interested people who had never been on a bike before. After a festive reception, Christa Maier and her team from the Stuttgart dealer offered the guests not only lots of music but also a good portion of action.

These included, among other things, the fashion shows with the latest motorcycle and leisure looks from Harley-Davidson.

Anyone who thought they weren't big or strong enough for a Harley was proven wrong, because a seat test caused surprised faces: the supposed heavy metal can be easily lifted up from the side stand.

On a motorcycle specially prepared for this purpose, the guests also experienced how easily the optimal seating position for almost any body size can be achieved by replacing the handlebars, seat and footrests. Another bike was set up as a driving simulator. Fixed on a metal frame and mounted with the rear wheel over a roller, it conveyed an authentic driving feeling.

Sitting on the bike, starting it, pulling the clutch, putting it in gear and driving off... all of this could be enjoyed safely - a unique experience for all those who previously didn't dare get on a motorcycle, let alone start it. It's not surprising that after a short time many rookies had lost their hearts to motorcycling and to a bike from the land of unlimited possibilities.{mosgoogle}

And those without a driving license in their pockets wrote down the contact details of the “in-house” Harley driving school called “Academy of Motorcycling”, which even offers special courses for women. Stuttgart should soon welcome more ladies on the handlebars!

Press release Harley-Davidson Stuttgart 2010

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