LIVEWIRE becomes its own brand
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LIVEWIRE becomes its own brand for electric motorcycles

Harley-Davidson has announced that they will now turn the name LIVEWIRE, which previously stood for the first Harley-Davidson e-bike motorcycle, into an independent brand. We have already seen this outsourcing with the Serial 1 electric bikes, whereby the company was founded independently and is operated in cooperation with Harley-Davidson.

The LIVEWIRE project is about much more; years of development work are summarized here. Incorporated into the independent and new LIVEWIRE company in order to position itself independently on the market. The background could be to want to preserve the historical image of Harley-Davidson, as LIVEWIRE has so far been received with skepticism.

With the LIVEWIRE brand, the company can address a new target group in a targeted and more direct manner. Something new is scheduled to be presented at the Progressive International Motorcycles Show in Irvine / California on July 9, 2021. In the future, all updates about the new models from the LIVEWIRE e-bike program will be available on the website

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The initial focus of the LIVEWIRE was on urban areas; distances of 150km, up to a radius of over 200km, are possible with the LIVEWIRE based on today's technology.
Now the new company LIVEWIRE wants to do further pioneering work and expand its reach. The company will bring additional specialists to the company who have extensive know-how in the electronic sector and will advance the technology further.
In California/USA, the company will build new showrooms for electric vehicles and address the new generation of electric motorcycle customers directly and in a topic-oriented manner.

Technology Focus: With a specific focus on electric vehicles, LiveWire plans to continue developing the technology of the future to be ready for the transformation of motorcycling. LiveWire expects to benefit from Harley-Davidson's technical expertise, manufacturing base, supply chain infrastructure and global logistics capabilities.

Technology Sharing: Harley-Davidson and LiveWire intend to collaborate and share their technological advances to ensure industry-leading application in their respective core segments.


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