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LiveWire ONE – The first LiveWire from LiveWire

It sounds complicated, but it isn't, because the Harley-Davidson leadership in the USA has outsourced the e-bike project to the US company LiveWire. For this reason, all future e-bikes will come from LiveWire. Harley-Davidson is still involved in the projects, but does not want to dilute the traditional Harley-Davidson name with e-bike technology. And because the wheel continues to turn in this area, the now independent company LiveWire is introducing the LiveWire ONE.

The new LiveWire ONE looks exactly like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire with a few small changes. The range in city traffic is stated to be 234 kilometers, you can't speak of a really new model, this is more about making a statement, because the LiveWire ONE will only be offered in the USA in 2021. This year, the company is starting with 12 showrooms opening in California, New York and Texas, with additional locations planned for the fall.

The LiveWire ONE will only be available on international markets from 2022. In the USA, the LiveWire ONE starts at $21,999, but that is a net price. It depends on what the punitive tariffs look like in 2022, but it could end up being a little cheaper than the current Harley-Davidson LiveWire, which is currently still available from Harley-Davidson dealers.

The Harley-Davidson e-bike dealers are certainly not particularly happy, because apart from the LiveWire not much has happened so far and the investments in order to be an e-bike dealer have not been without. Harley-Davidson has mentioned in passing that it wants to compensate LiveWire dealers for the inspection and setup specifications required by Harley-Davidson, but what that will look like has at least not been publicly announced.

This is what the Harley-Davidson LiveWire looked like in 2014

Harley-Davidson LiveWire 2014 – Photo credit Harley-Davidson Oxford

So the topic of e-bikes is not over yet, it will continue in 2022, but the e-bike will no longer come from Harley-Davidson, but from LiveWire powered by Harley-Davidson, that's what you could say. In Germany it will only be possible to sell it based on the price. At over 30,000 euros, the LiveWire ONE will also have a hard time, but we don't assume that. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire currently costs €32,995.

You have to say, it's not bad, it has a lot of fire and it's fun to drive through the curves with it, at least you have to give them respect for being able to build something like that, you don't have to like this type of drive.

External link to the LiveWire website

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