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Just in time for the third season of the “Long Way” series on Apple TV+, Harley-Davidson presents a podcast series

MILWAUKEE (09/28/2020) – The LiveWire is an exciting electric-powered motorcycle that features exceptional performance, impressive high-tech and fascinating design.

When Harley-Davidson had the opportunity to demonstrate what this machine could do under the harshest conditions, the
company immediately accepted the challenge: it was a nearly 20,900-kilometer route from South to North America.

How this extreme undertaking was accomplished is now documented in the Harley-Davidson podcast, which you can listen to on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and subscribe to to stay up to date weekly. Its six parts convey how two LiveWire bikes were modified to tackle dirt roads, the narrowest singletrack and sweltering desert trails.

“Our brand stands for the constant pursuit of adventure,” explains Jochen Zeitz , Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, “and the new podcast series impressively shows how Harley-Davidson engineers and designers create motorcycles for every imaginable type of adventure develop.

A mission that is also reflected in the 2020 LiveWire series bikes. With these machines we are making it clear that we are serious about the electrification of motorcycling and want to be one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

The fascination that we feel for electric mobility on two wheels can only be understood by those who have taken a ride on the LiveWire.”
For “Long Way Up”, the engineers and designers who were responsible for the development of the series version of the LiveWire dedicated themselves to: together with other Harley-Davidson product developers, the conversion of production-oriented bikes with which Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman were supposed to start their adventure.

In less than 30 days, the team designed, modified and assembled their first motorcycle and then used the test crew's feedback to further develop ergonomics and luggage systems, among other things.

Essential components such as the frame, the main battery (Rechargeable Energy Storage System – RESS) and the Revelation drivetrain remained standard. The brake discs, wheels and tires, on the other hand, are prototype components from Harley-Davidson's Pan America , which will soon be launched on the market.

However, some other components - including the disc, the shock absorber and the fork clamps - were used exclusively in the "Long Way Up" machines. Before delivery, the modified bikes were subjected to extensive testing at Harley-Davidson's Willie G. Davidson Product Development Center and then tested again under the toughest conditions at the Harley-Davidson test center.

After 60 days, the company finally shipped two aircraft to the southern tip of Argentina, from where McGregor and Boorman set off north to cross the American continent.

Anyone who would like to experience the special feeling that the LiveWire conveys for themselves is cordially invited to take a test ride at the nearest Harley-Davidson LiveWire dealer .

This can be found at www.Harley-Davidson.de .


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