Break on the “YoungGen Tour”, chill out in Pura Vida

15th Mallorca Bike Week 2021

Fantastic end to the season in the anniversary year

The 15th Mallorca Bike Week in the 50th year of the Robinson Club broke all records with 500 participants. Sun, fun and rock'n'roll in biker style.

Mogendorf, November 29, 2021

The 15 black trucks set off from the tranquil Westerwald town of Mogendorf in thick fog, arrived on Mallorca in pouring rain and left the island again in beautiful sunshine. In between there was a fantastic week that made every biker's heart beat faster.

The Mallorca Bike Week traditionally takes place in the first days of November, when the cloudy and cold weather takes over in the local area. For motorcycle maniacs in this country, it is the perfect opportunity to extend their season by another week. This year even 10 days were possible, because the organizer SKS Reisen offered its customers the option to upgrade from the usual 6 to 10 days in the anniversary year. Almost 200 of the 500 fellow travelers made use of it.

The record number of participants can no longer be topped unless the Robinson Club Cala Serena in the southeast of the island expands. SKS Reisen receives the club exclusively and it was completely booked. Only a few managed to move up from the waiting list. “We feel sorry for every single person who wanted to come along and couldn’t anymore,” says Kim Hummerich, managing director of SKS Reisen. “We have 65 percent of regular customers at MBW, many of whom book straight away again the following year. In order to show even more customers the beauty of the island on motorbikes , we are now also offering a “season opening” during the almond blossom season. It will take place from February 13th to 19th and the first bookings are already confirmed, even though the trip isn’t even on the website yet.”

This speaks for a successful concept from the Westerwald ladies. The SKS World company is firmly in female hands. In addition to Kim, Sabine Baldus takes care of the conception of the events, the bookings and the concerns of the customers. SKS Bikeshuttle which can hardly be surpassed , because 450 motorcycles , which are either dropped off at the SKS logistics park or picked up by the official Harley dealers in the entire DACH region, arrive on time and within such a short time Transporting things safely to the Mediterranean island and back is a logistical masterpiece.

But now to the highlights of the trip itself. As a “first-timer,” the official term for those who are literally going on the trip for the first time, you quickly realize that you won’t be able to do every one of the guided tours on offer to the most beautiful places of the island in just under a week. But it also quickly becomes clear that this is neither necessary nor desirable in any case. However, if you like to travel in larger groups or are a first-timer, it is recommended because the guides take care of the navigation and know the area and its sights perfectly.

By the way, these are the truck drivers from SKS, who visibly feel comfortable not only on their black five-axle trucks with a truck-mounted forklift, but also on two wheels, or the bosses of SKS personally. Once you have oriented yourself on one or two tours, you can simply put together your own driving program over the next few days, at your own pace and with the like-minded people you have met up to that point.

There is also discrimination at SKS, because the “LADIES TOUR” required female gender and the “YOUNGGEN TOUR” required the age limit to be under the age limit, although the exact amount was not specifically quantified. Both of them definitely had a lot of fun with their special program. The author can attest to this, because he was tolerated on both tours as the driver of the video and photo team, just like the team itself, and in addition to the fun of driving, he was also able to learn something about the production of the finest olive oil and enjoy tapas with a sea view on the terrace Chill out in the beautifully located Pura Vida restaurants.

The rally to the Es Forti fortress was also impressive, on whose grounds the Robinson Club quickly organized a spectacular barbecue for all participants in the beautiful sunshine, including a fly-over with a greeting banner. In any case, Robinson knows how to give guests the feeling that they are not only warmly welcome, but are also spending their holiday with friends.

The food is excellent and varied, the evening program designed with SKS is the finest and tailored to the special clientele. But it's the seemingly small things that perhaps make the big difference: every employee, every "Robin" you meet, always makes eye contact, smiles and has a kind word. Even hand disinfection and the reminder that masks are required at the buffet become a nice encounter.

Nevertheless, the author's subjective travel highlight was a very personal one. On the return journey from Sa Calobra in the north-west of the island with its enchanting bay, after overtaking a few cyclists - whom I simultaneously admired and pitied because of the gradients - I was able to ride the wonderful route back to Inca without any traffic, covering around 30 kilometers: Curve after curve on perfect asphalt and in beautiful nature, alone with me and my Sporty, which I had converted precisely for such roads and put a lot of demands on it. A unique “flow experience” on one of the most beautiful routes I have ridden on a motorcycle in 38 years.

Back from the daily tour, you park directly in the club on the Plaza Mayor and discuss the best cornering technique right at the specially set up beer pavilion, practically right next to the motorcycle. If you get a little hungry, you can order a small goulash soup with the next round. Finally, you have to take a shower before dinner, because the dinner goes directly into the daily evening program, which takes place either in Adrian's Saloon, the theater or even open-air in the club's wonderfully decorated courtyard.

In any case, always with excellent bands, a perfect atmosphere and, for one or two of them, until dawn. You can actually always eat and drink in the complex. It's a miracle that I actually didn't gain any weight during the week.

Many other highlights are worth mentioning, but go beyond the scope: the unique “Rumba Kings”, the impressive “One-Man-Rocks” or Uwe Bahn’s lecture on the history of rock, where even die-hard “rockers” learn something new could.

I learned that our MMA champ, Julia Dorny, is a really nice woman outside the cage who “gets the skin greased off when accelerating” and also goes on a club vacation with Heinz Hoenig. But above all, Mallorca is always worth a trip - especially by motorbike. I'm looking forward to next time.

Ben Ott managed to condense the essence of the week into 16 minutes using the example of two “first-time offenders” and with the help of Anna Gala on the second camera. You can already find a short trailer on the new SKS World YouTube channel:

The film will follow in January.

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Photos by Anna Gala and Ben Ott / SKS-Reisen

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