When autumn comes, the Harley caravan moves to Mallorca.

Whenever the golden autumn season is in full swing here, countless Harley bikers are drawn to the beautiful island in the Mediterranean every year.

Of course, there is no guarantee of good weather on Mallorca at this time, but the chance is very high. There are more and more providers offering Harley transport to the island and demand is increasing.

It's particularly interesting for those who didn't have enough time to cruise in the summer due to a lack of time and a lot of work. They'll be happy if they can escape to the beautiful island again.


Great mountain routes invite you to cruise, there are great restaurants and bars everywhere for a short break, even without almond blossoms the Mediterranean island is very inviting and beautiful. In a different direction every day, or just discover beautiful corners and small villages that invite you with their typical island markets.

Small cafes or, when the weather is good, the beach bar, everything is possible, a destination is quickly found.

Of course, the well-known suspects such as the well-known customizers Kodlin or Rick's Motorcycles can also be found among the approximately 340 Harley bikers on the island. So far it's clear that there are a lot of top bikes to see on the island, like here in the Robison Club on Malle.

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