A nice May tour would be something again, some have already partied into May, but you can also find places where you can meet during the day.

A hot tip is the Chrome Dinner in Lensahn, up in the north. Lots of bikers and US cars always meet there on May 1st, there's a lot to see. 

Some even drive long distances to be there, so no one expected that more and more people would join them over the years. By the way, the Chrome Diner is an original American diner gastro that was imported directly from Florida via ship in 1999 and set up in Lensahn. You have to come up with something like that first, but if you don't dare, you don't win.

But there is also something on offer elsewhere, please send photos or information about where you will be on May 1st. 

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Directions to Chrome Diner Lensahn



May 1st invites you to cruise again, like in Lensahn (Ostholstein) at the Chrome Diner there will definitely be...

Posted by Harleysite on Thursday, April 30, 2015

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