In Steffenshagen we tested the accommodation for biker suitability.
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Biker paradise Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

"Zeitfrei" - your base for motorcycle tours on the Baltic Sea

In May I was traveling again with my friend Hermann, this time in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania . In Steffenshagen we tested the accommodation for biker suitability.

Hermann is on the road with his “Lotte” , as he affectionately calls his old shovel , I tackled the tour on the current CVO Road Glide . I admit, a bit of an unlikely team, but my buddy's CVO Limited needed their service and so he made it clear to Lotte.

a man sitting on a motorcycle at a gas station
Fuel stop on the way to Rostock

I actually drive something old myself, but for me it's exactly the opposite, I haven't put my EVO back together yet. So we both set off as it was, he with the old Harley and I with the new generation of Harley. We came from the direction of Fehmarn, for us the tour near Rostock is more like a stone's throw.

We arrived in Rostock quickly in the best weather, it's that feeling that comes up when you're finally out and about with your buddy, time is basically just a secondary matter. Our first stop is at the Harley dealer Staalfabrik in Rostock . While we're around here, we'd like to say hello.

Harley-Davidson dealer in Rostock - Staalfabrik Rostock
Visit to the Harley-Davidson dealer Staalfabrik in Rostock

After we had cleared the coffee bar and Hermann couldn't get past the dealer shirt, which he absolutely had to buy, we made our way to the port of Rostock and had something to eat CarLo615 Located on the water, it is a very nice location. And who would have thought, Carsten, who runs the restaurant, is also a Harley biker himself.

After dinner we set off for Steffenshagen. You really have to look for the place on the map, but that is also an advantage if you prefer accommodation where the price-performance ratio is still right. The small but beautiful village of Steffenshagen lies between the tourist hotspots of Kühlungsborn and Rügen .

Time free in Steffenshagen - Shovel and CVO Road Glide
Shovel - CVO Road Glide

“Zeitfrei” accommodation in Steffenshagen is an ideal anchor point for us bikers to explore Baltic Sea roads Baltic Sea directly from here and find the perfect place to relax after a day full of wind.

Imagine the evening: You and your friends hanging out together on the terrace of “Steffi's Hofladen” . Grill on, a cold beer in your hand – it couldn't be better. And when it starts to get cooler, gather around the fireplace in the lounge of the farm shop. The stories of the day are then exchanged - a real biker feeling arises.

At least that's always the case for us when we're out and about. We are usually loud, we laugh and talk, so we have had trouble here and there :-).

“Zeitfrei” simply has that relaxed atmosphere that we motorcyclists are looking for. More than just a place to sleep, a temporary home with the casual hospitality of Mario and his team. Here you can turn off the machine, unwind and feel like you're among friends.

Our must-haves: cleanliness, a garage for the bikes and space for relaxed evenings full of stories and a good mood.

There are certain things that we generally pay attention to, these include the following points: We pay attention to cleanliness, ideally a garage for the goats, we would like to be able to sit together in the evening and drink our beer, telling each other emotional stories not wanting to annoy other people with our good mood. Yes, that's part of it, we like to laugh about what we've experienced together and after every trip we come up with a new story! That's why we pay close attention to these points.  

Why ZEITFREI is particularly suitable for bikers!

As a newly renovated facility, “Zeitfrei” is characterized by a mixture of modern comfort and a charming rural ambience. The eleven apartments are spacious and stylishly furnished, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Particularly noteworthy are the quiet location and the proximity to the Baltic Sea, which offers an ideal starting point for tours.

A special feature is “Steffi's farm shop” right on site, which offers regional products and allows guests to have their refrigerator filled with pre-ordered food upon arrival. This service helps guests enjoy their vacation immediately upon arrival without having to worry about shopping. The prices are such that it makes little difference whether you go shopping yourself or have it done directly.

Jekill & Hyde Harley Davidson

Anyone who has been paying attention will have read that there are eleven apartments available on the farm. You can fill it up quickly with a small group, which can result in you being crowded in the whole yard in the evening. You have free access to everything, even if Steffi from the farm shop is already at home. You can take what you need and bill the next day or directly via Paypal. This is all ingenious and simply solved, people still trust each other here!

By the way, that's how it works with beer, you take it and write it down. Everything is available with a grill and charcoal, you can do it yourself and organize yourself. If you want to burn a sack of coal every day, you will have to talk to Steffi, everything is easy to regulate.

The host is a Harley rider himself

The host, Mario Bobsin, brings a personal touch to the hosting experience. After years in the international wood business, he returned to create “Zeitfrei” – a place that reflects his passion for quality and hospitality. Guests appreciate his reliable and friendly manner and enjoy the personally told stories that enrich the holiday experience.

And of course Mario himself is a Harley biker and is part of the Harley-Davidson Staalfabrik in Rostock. Now the whole thing becomes a matter of why bikers are very welcome at the Zeifrei Hof and how I came across this pearl in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. He knows what bikers need when they travel. The garage is usually at the front and is often more important than the bed.

Things are still fine here in the country, but of course there is a large lockable garage where everyone can store motorcycle There are also short distances and you can drive to the door to load and unload, or you can take the short route straight to the garage. Especially in bad weather, you can tie everything down without stress.

Timeless - Steffenshagen

“Zeitfrei” not only offers comfortable accommodation, but also a variety of activities in the area. There are lots of hotspots and points where you can find relaxed coffee and cake. A short hop to the Baltic Sea beach, where the particularly white sea sand is, doesn't hurt either - there's something for everyone here.

paid a visit to Martin in his very well-stocked Lifestyle Boots Store In the shop he has his own Harley-Davidson and a first-class premium brands, including Stetson hats, Rokker, Sendra Boots, The original Biker Boot and Elf Craft jewelry, which he can present on approximately 40 square meters.

Of course, a visit to the Harley dealer Staalfabrik in Rostock also on the road map and when the appetite for coffee and cake arises again, the drive goes to the lighthouse in Bastorf, where you can enjoy a wide view of the Baltic Sea. There is a large selection of cakes here.

We only went on very short tours and were invited to the Steffenshagen restaurant for a barbecue. It's hard to believe, but the location of our base has a large church, the inn in question and a bakery where you can either get fresh bread rolls in the morning or you can have breakfast directly at the bakery, like we did. Another thing we do when we're on tour is that we never move on until we've treated ourselves to a real breakfast at the bakery.

Overall, “Zeitfrei” is more than just a place to stay overnight; it is an opportunity to relax surrounded by nature, experience the local culture and feel at home, supported by the warm hospitality of the host and his team. The “Zeitfrei” accommodation in Steffenshagen is a real anchor point for us bikers. Directly from here you can start the best routes along the Baltic Sea and discover places like Rügen. After a day full of wind in your face, you come back to the perfect place to relax in comfort.

We absolutely recommend the accommodation, the place and the area! It won't be the last time we'll be here, because despite the nice weather, we didn't drive enough. But it was still nice to enjoy quality time with your best buddy in such beautiful surroundings!

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Text & image credits: Harleysite – Volker Wolf

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a man sitting on a motorcycle at a gas station
Fuel stop on the way to Rostock
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