Police check on the way home from European Bike Week
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Motorcycle checks in the Alpine region – the results of the weekend confirm the necessity

UPPER BAVARIA SOUTH. A cross-state focus campaign took place last weekend under the leadership of the motorcycle control group of the Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters.

During which the police specialists in the Bavarian Alpine foothills as well as in Tyrol and South Tyrol took a close look at the motorcyclists and their machines.

The weekend's results, with 379 complaints in three countries, confirmed the need for such control measures.

On September 9th and 10th, the Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters, in coordination with the Austrian and Italian authorities, carried out cross-border priority control days to monitor motorcycle traffic, which were also in connection with the European Bike Week on Lake Faaker See.

120,000 participants with around 70,000 motorcycles were expected for this event. Therefore, on Sunday the police set up a checkpoint on the A8 motorway in the direction of Munich, where the motorcycle control group was also reinforced by specially trained forces from the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South and Lower Bavaria.

Securing Police Upper Bavaria Photo credit: PP Oberbayern Süd
Securing Police Upper Bavaria Photo credit: PP Oberbayern Süd

From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., a total of 98 motorcycles and their drivers were subjected to a detailed inspection.

The police's assessment is sobering and confirms the necessity of such controls. In total, 53 out of 98 machines were found to have safety-relevant technical changes that lead to the expiration of their operating license, so that in particularly serious cases further travel had to be stopped immediately.

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In total, the officers reported three criminal offenses and 54 administrative offenses. Three bikes were presented to an automotive expert for inspection.

The violations include misuse of license plates, unauthorized exhaust systems and a complete lack of mirrors, indicators or brake lights; all of which are massively dangerous to traffic and cause noise-causing equipment violations.

Police Chief Robert Kopp, himself a passionate motorcyclist, does not accept the frequent accusation of being petty: “The safety of motorized two-wheeled riders is particularly important to me.

In order to get home accident-free and healthy, as well as to avoid endangering other road users, not only driving style but also perfect technical equipment are of fundamental importance. Our focus is here and not on the road users’ wallets.”

Already on Saturday, the specialists took a close look at motorcyclists and their machines as part of the international motorcycle inspections. Of the 31 bikes checked, 25 had to be complained about. Ten drivers were reported for license plate misuse, and another eight motorcycles had their operating licenses expired due to technical changes.

In the Austrian Tyrol, a total of 288 bikers had to be cited for speeding, some of them serious. The inglorious front runners reached 160 km/h with a permitted speed of 80 in the Imst district, and 108 km/h with a permitted speed of 60 in the Kufstein district.

In South Tyrol, 34 motorcyclists who were checked were found to have violated three road traffic regulations.

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