MoFa Lounge Künzelsau

Motorcycle Fashion Lounge

Owner Joachim Schmidt has two great passions, traveling and he also loves riding his Harley Davidson.
Since March, life around the travel industry has changed 180 degrees, as nothing has been the same since this month. Unfortunately, the Germans' favorite passion, traveling, has collapsed due to Corona.

MoFa Lounge Künzelsau
MoFa Lounge Künzelsau

Unfortunately, it looks like there is still no end in sight here. Anyone who knows the Schmidt couple knows that they don't wait for something to happen, but simply think of a plan B and put it into action.

After some thought, the idea for the MoFa Lounge was born. When my wife arrived with the name, it was immediately clear to me that we would call the second store MoFa Lounge, said Joachim Schmidt, owner of the TUI ReiseCenter and now also the MoFa Lounge . I grew up with mopeds and still know one or two brands here and I no longer ride a moped but a motorcycle , but my generation thinks I can identify quite well with the Moped Lounge.

But the MoFa here stands for motorcycle fashion and if you want to shop comfortably, the best place to do it is in a lounge.

After the idea was born, we looked for the right partners; we wanted to offer special items and not everything off the shelf. Companies like 70`s, Modeka, Marushin, King Kerosin, Queen Kerosin, Holy freedom, 13 1/2 Magazine, Lethal Angel & Lethal ThreaT, Jack's Inn 54 and many more. can be found in the MoFa Lounge.

Furthermore, Joachim Schmidt wants to inspire the new riders and offer them the right and not overpriced motorcycle clothing for their first driving lesson, because nowadays you often have to have the right equipment before you can do your first laps on the motorcycle. And now without having to travel long distances.

But not only motorcyclists are welcome in the MoFa Lounge, everyone who is looking for cool T-shirts, sweaters or jackets, and anyone who is now looking for a few other gift ideas for Christmas will definitely find what they are looking for in the Mofa Lounge.
Unfortunately, since we cannot be there for you 24 hours a day, an online shop has also been set up, which can be found under the following link: External link:

The MoFa Lounge opened on Sunday, November 8th, 2020 as part of the Sunday shopping season. Just stop by and see the MoFa Lounge .

Photo credit: ME Photodesign- by Melanie Engl

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