Symbolic image - motorcycle season begins / Police give tips on how to start your motorcycle without an accident
Symbolic image - motorcycle season begins / Police give tips on how to start your motorcycle without an accident

Motorcycle season begins - police give tips on how to start your motorcycle without an accident

Central Hesse: The days are getting longer and the temperatures are constantly rising - these are the starting signals for motorcycle fans to get their machines back on the roads and set off on their first rides through Central Hesse. After motorized two-wheelers had almost completely disappeared from traffic in the past winter months, the increase in motorcyclists on the roads in central Hesse demands a high level of attention, constant caution and mutual consideration from all road users.

Because motorcyclists are usually noticed late and are easily overlooked. Incorrectly assessing the distance or speed of an approaching motorcycle can have fatal consequences for bikers. The risk of being injured or killed in an accident is significantly higher for motorcyclists than for car drivers.


Police Chief Bernd Paul, himself an enthusiastic motorcyclist, appeals to the motorcycle community: “Due to the motorcycle-free period of the last few months, the handling and feeling for your own machine have become rusty. Your own driving training at the beginning of the season or when buying a new motorcycle is a good investment for driving practice and safety. Drive off with particular caution and very important: wear protective clothing! I personally hope that you always reach your destination well prepared and safely.”

The employees of the regional transport services and the police stations in the districts of Gießen, Wetterau, Marburg-Biedenkopf and the Lahn-Dill district are once again keeping an eye on motorcyclists this year. Particularly on the routes around the Aartalsee in the Lahn-Dill district and the federal highway 276 near Laubach in the Gießen district, which are popular with bikers, motorized two-wheeler enthusiasts have to expect checks from traffic services and police stations.

motorcycles , which are equipped with appropriate video technology to document driving violations, are also The traffic experts keep an eye on compliance with the maximum permissible speeds as well as the technical condition of the machines. For example, additions and conversions that do not comply with the registration regulations, incorrect or defective tires or manipulated exhaust systems have a direct impact on the safety of all road users and the quality of life of residents of heavily frequented motorcycle routes.

For those interested, the Central Hesse Police Headquarters is also offering a biker safety tour this year. Experienced police officers act as tour guides and give practical tips and advice on safe motorcycling during a trip through the central Hesse districts. During breaks, they provide information about accident hotspots, danger points or local peculiarities. Also present are paramedics who bring the bikers up to speed on “initial measures at the scene of an accident”.

The police in Central Hesse give tips on how bikers can get through the season as accident-free as possible and recommend:

- Subject your motorcycle to a thorough technical check: Pay particular attention to brakes, lighting and tires with the prescribed air pressure. - Recognizability is the be-all and end-all: On the one hand, be aware that you are less visible to others due to your narrow silhouette and, on the other hand, ensure that you are more visible yourself with reflectors or safety vests and with the lights switched on. - Make sure you have suitable protective motorcycle clothing: motorcycle helmets, leather and textile suits, protectors, motorcycle gloves and boots reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall. - Drive considerately and avoid unnecessary motorcycle noise. Respectful treatment not only takes place on the street, but also includes residents of busy routes for whom noise becomes an unbearable burden. Aggressive driving also disrupts people and nature. - Drive defensively and with foresight, do not overestimate yourself and always be ready to brake. - Cutting curves puts you and other road users at unnecessary risk. The following also applies when cornering and in wet conditions: brake carefully! - Announce your overtaking maneuvers early and clearly. 

Guido Rehr – Central Hesse Police Headquarters / Marburg-Biedenkopf Police Department

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