Ready for the first date with true love?

Then a visit to the MOTORRAD SHOW 2024 on February 3rd and 4th in the Weser-Ems-Hallen Oldenburg is exactly the right place to find them. Shiny chrome, satin finish, with a lot of horsepower or less temperament - the MOTORRAD SHOW in Oldenburg offers the right passion for every biker.

For the 26th time, there are more than 35 exhibitors, including established names such as Börjes American Bikes - Harley-Davidson Bremen and Weser-Ems, Kawasaki / Ducati Schlickel, Motorrad Huchting Honda, BMW Freese and many others in the Weser-Ems halls Oldenburg. From rocking, relaxed to carefree – the trade fair once again offers motorcycle fans big and small a wide range of new products and real highlights that will awaken the passion for riding unbridled. Lovers of the two-stroke engine don't miss out either. The Moped Drag Race Team Jaderberg presents bright ideas and innovations.


Peace-loving biker soul

Motorcycling is the wildest form of a peace-loving biker's soul. Klaus Börjes also knows how to emphasize this. “In times of all restrictions, the riding experience with the bike is even more important. Riding a motorcycle clears your head,” he enthuses as one of the managing directors of Börjes GmbH and Börjes GmbH & Co. KG, which once again offers a variety of great machines, services and products Harley-Davidson Bremen and Harley-Davidson Weser-Ems present.

Miles don't matter, moments do

“It doesn’t matter how many kilometers you drive with your HD, but rather what you experience with it.” Driving experience and feeling of well-being across the entire width of the road – “that’s how we love Harley-Davidson, riding into the sunset, with the wind blowing around your nose Let yourself be one with the bike”. This is Klaus Börjes’ top priority. You get real goosebumps just by imagining it.

Harley-Davidson will once again be presenting many new models in 2024 that fans of chrome, shine and powerful engines can look forward to. Klaus Börjes is not yet revealing which models will be shown at the trade fair. But one thing is clear: “As always, disappointments are out of the question.”

Harley-Davidson Kohl - Aachen

The team around Klaus Börjes shows and presents the complete Harley-Davidson model range. Test sitting and touching are absolutely permitted. In addition to various crossover models, there are also certain models that are particularly popular with newcomers and newcomers. Anyone who used to enjoy sitting in the back seat will take the main seat at the MOTORRAD SHOW and can feel how nice the seat in the front row is.

The bikes marked as “Ladies approved” allow women to find the perfect model for themselves. From ergonomics to handling – the perfect symbiosis between biker and machine makes the riding experience something very special.

Unchain the power

Unleash the power - that's the motto for everyone who wants a little more. With tailor-made engine tuning and software mapping, the Börjes Tuning Center presents the immeasurable possibilities of getting even more out of your own machine. Precise programming on request and advice from the customer is the top priority for the Börjes Tuning Center team. “Harleys are all about torque. A tuned, enormous power and power in the lower speed range that you can feel when accelerating. “It tingles so beautifully,” says Klaus Börjes happily.


Three very special guys

Customizing fans will get their money's worth again this year. The Börjes customizing team has once again designed three unique HD items especially for the MOTORRAD SHOW, which cannot be found anywhere in the world due to their individual style. The HD models Softail Standard, Softail Low Rider ST and Street Bob make every biker's heart beat faster with their elegant paintwork, special accessories and other modifications. You will bring a bike in club style (for the young wild ones), bobber style (for fans of classic music) and chopper style (easy riders). Wishes are there to be fulfilled. Anyone who would like to realize their dream of owning their own personal, distinctive custom bike has the opportunity to purchase one of the three dream bikes or have one built for them.

Meet me

If you're still missing that last, crucial bit when it comes to buying your own Harley-Davidson, motorcycle rental at the locations in Bremen and Augustfehn can help. With a rental fleet of 25 Harley-Davidsons, you can gain further conviction for a weekend or the entire vacation. “Where else can you have such a long test drive before the final 'yes',” says Klaus Börjes, emphasizing the prospective buyer's simplified decision.

Rokker Clothes

Tri(ke) me

If traveling on three wheels seems safer than on two, you can sit directly on the HD trike TriGlide Ultra 114 at the MOTORRAD SHOW. In addition to the three wheels, another convincing argument is the driver's license, which is only required for the car. “Freedom for all” – that was Harley-Davidson’s guiding principle. This also includes the freedom to decide whether you want to travel on two or three wheels.

Who has the choice

Kawasaki and Ducati fans can look forward to the latest models from Motorradhandel Schlickel, which has been based in Oldenburg as an authorized dealer for over 40 years and has also been a Ducati dealer since 2009 and will be at the MOTORRAD SHOW again this year .

Motorrad Schlickel has many loyal customers from the far north up to the East Frisian Islands. The team takes care of all motorcycle-related matters in the master workshop. “The performance for our customers in our workshop is very important to us. We are open to brands,” emphasizes Thomas Rüscher.

In addition to the workshop, Schlickel also offers the opportunity to find the right counterpart for you from 20 rental motorcycles from March to August. Getting to know the feeling of freedom is possible for the rental price.

“For many people, switching to a motorcycle is also an opportunity for private transport. A bike is small, handy, economical and does not require large parking spaces,” says Thomas Rüscher. “In addition, with any motorcycle you can reach your destination faster than with a standard car.” So there are many arguments in favor of buying a machine, in addition to the incomparable feeling of freedom and driving experience.


Sport, sporty, ninja

In 2024 the Kawasaki Ninja will celebrate its 40th birthday. As a true sports model, the Ninja stands for state-of-the-art technology and an unconditional commitment to top performance. Looking back on the great success story, Kawasaki is presenting its three 40th anniversary models in an anniversary version: Ninja ZX-4RR, Ninja ZX-6R and Ninja ZX-10R.

Pure and light

Ducati will release the Hypermotard 698 Mono model in 2024, which will be very interesting, especially for young people. A first-class vehicle, very sporty and almost unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio. The first road-going single-cylinder supermotard from Ducati was born into motorcycling life with only one goal: to arouse pure enthusiasm and shake up the scene with an impression. The puristically light and maneuverable bike is simply fun.

77.5 hp and 659 cc displacement paired with a very effective interaction of steering geometry and wheelbase, low inertia of the front wheel and a weight distribution that is more front-wheel-heavy compared to other motorcycles in the segment bring driving pleasure at its best.

Already cruised today?

The Eliminator 500 from Kawasaki shines as another star in the motorcycle sky. A bike that is particularly fun to ride, especially for smaller people, women and those who are new to cycling, not least because of its easy handling. The look alone impresses with a silky-smooth and supple top design with a low, comfortable seat. The Eliminator is one of Kawasaki's best cruisers to date, coming onto the market in 2024.

Racetrack training in Oschersleben

If you can't ride a motorcycle fast enough, you shouldn't miss the time to register for a racing event in Oschersleben, which Motorradhandel Schlickel offers its customers every year. Once infected, you are not protected from repeat offenses. “Everyone who has ever been there is completely thrilled. “Eating, drinking and having fun together over two days” is what characterizes the racing event, says Thomas Rüscher, himself an enthusiastic Ducati driver. The event is not for new drivers, he points out. The racetrack training is completed freely in a group or with instructions. The next date is expected to be in August.

Motorcycle trade Schlickel has many highlights in its luggage. Visitors can be excited to see which models will be on display at the MOTORRAD SHOW. This much is certain: the range is wide again.

Custom bike contest goes into the next round

No matter whether it's a café racer, bobber, tracker or scrambler. Whether noble and expensive or low-budget – the MOTORRAD SHOW custom bike will be in demand again in 2024. Anyone who has customized their bike to a greater or lesser extent can take part. The hottest machines will be invited to a designated area in the main hall MOTORRAD SHOW custom bikes 2024 The audience at the trade fair then votes. Those interested can find further information at .

Modifications in the shot glass class

Mopeds and mopeds are also experiencing an increasingly significant renaissance. This year there will be a custom moped contest for the first time at the MOTORRAD SHOW. The mastermind of the whole thing is Tim Gollenstede from the Moped Drag Race Team, who has been no stranger to the motorcycle trade fair since 2019. One or two photos from the Matchbox moped box from last year at the trade fair still adorn the bedside table at home for some fans. “We have already received some really great applications,” says Sonja Hobbie, project manager of the MOTORRAD SHOW, and is happy to see participants who want to present their lovingly modified mopeds/mopeds at the trade fair.

House of Flames April Open House 2024

Small place with a big impact

There are no limits to the inventiveness of the Moped Drag Race team. While Tim Gollenstede started the self-organized first moped acceleration race in 2019 with 3,000 visitors, at the second moped drag race in 2023 in Schweiburg, twice the number of visitors enjoyed the largest two-stroke meeting and moped acceleration race in all of Germany.

The Moped Drag Race is already busy with ideas and further planning. From May 3rd to 5th, 2024, moped pulling will take place for the very first time in Germany in the small town of Schweiburg, the home of Tim Gollenstede and his crew. The specially built brake van proves whose moped is the real winner in the show of strength. A subsequent award ceremony with attractive prizes and trophies is mandatory for the Moped Drag Race team. This event is also already considered an absolute crowd puller internally; with up to 5,000 visitors, the tranquil Schweiburg will probably reach five times its population.

As parents, the Drag Race team also shows a big heart for children. With a holiday pass campaign in the coming summer holidays, the Moped Drag Race team will get the children involved in their own crafts when mending tires or learning the technology. How does the moped I'm currently sitting on work? “It’s not just refueling and driving that’s important, the carburettor, ignition switches and brakes also need to be replaced,” explains Tim Gollenstede. The good words of his own father remain in his memory to this day: “If you broke something yourself, you have to fix it yourself”. Learning from experience.

The Moped Drag Race Team will provide information about these and other events at the 2024 motorcycle trade fair stand.

There is the smell of a workshop in the air

A visit to the Moped Drag Race Team is definitely worth it. There are other special little things here that come from our own creation. The “two-stroke perfume” is a good-smelling attraction if you rely on the smell of workshop, oil and cigarette smoke as your personal favorite fragrance brands. Specially created by a perfumer in a perfume factory, the “two-stroke perfume” is now being reproduced in a second series.

Simply delicious

Another good-smelling and tasty liquid that Tim Gollenstede is bringing to this year's MOTORRAD SHOW is his own To Go cocktail creation. In true style and in keeping with the trade fair, all cocktails have the trade fair label on them.

Motomeets – an app that has it all

“Motomeets” – a name worth remembering. The newly launched app opens up completely new possibilities for meeting like-minded people. The app was created out of demand for “Where were you,” reports the 38-year-old. “What if there was a calendar in which everyone could enter when they are where and what they are planning” – Tim Gollenstede was able to answer this question with the app and spark new paths for mopeds and other combustion engine companions.

Bikers from different places meet at mutually agreed starting points to create a shared riding experience. True to the motto: “It's better together,” the app lets its users enter every event, trip, day trip and other meeting. Users can register by participating or request further information. Push notifications inform you about changes to the planned project. An extra filter gives users further options to limit the meetings. The unofficial test version is already running. The team around Tim and Udo shows interested trade fair visitors how to use it.


Meetings with other like-minded people are of particular importance for the Moped Drag Race team: “The older ones in particular have incredible knowledge when it comes to the vehicles. This knowledge is dying out. You have to see that you get the information through meetings and shared exchanges. The question of “How did you do that” when it comes to a conversion or tuning is often neglected. The good looks and horsepower of a two-stroke engine alone are not enough.

Last but not least, visitors can once again look forward to the unique dynamometer that accompanies the Moped Drag Race Team to this year's motorcycle trade fair. Ammerschläger's mobile test bench, which has an output of up to 100 hp, was already impressive last year.

The MOTORRAD SHOW 2024 – two days full of inspiration, ideas and innovations.


Trade fair: MOTORRAD SHOW 2024
Date: Saturday, February 3rd and Sunday, February 4th, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Weser-Ems-Hallen Oldenburg, Messestraße, 26123 Oldenburg
Entrance: Congress hall

Further information about the trade fair is available at as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Tickets are available on site at the box office and in advance at Nordwest-Ticket . Day ticket EUR 10.00; Children up to 14 years free when accompanied by an adult.

Text & image credit: Weser Ems Hallen

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