Harleysite police reports 2023

Hagen-Mittelstadt: On Thursday, February 15, 2024, officials from the Hagen traffic service monitored the speed of vehicles on Volmestrasse in the direction of Eilper Strasse. motorcycle too fast around 8 p.m. The 21-year-old handed over a driver's license . However, the registration certificate showed that this was not sufficient for the registered nominal power.

In addition, the rear-view mirrors did not correspond to an approved form. In addition, an initial noise measurement on site revealed that the decibel value was too high. The officers had the Harley seized because the operating license had expired and there was suspicion of driving without a license.

A few hours later, the 21-year-old submitted documents to the station that were supposed to prove the throttling and noise reduction. The traffic commissioner is now checking whether these documents are true or whether subsequent manipulation has taken place. (hir)

Text: Hagen Police

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