Easy biking over the sea

Tallink ferry
Tallink ferry

A motorcycle trip through the dream roads in Finland and Estonia.

 Head north with Tallink Silja and Stena Line to the nature reserves and metropolises of the north . Tallink Silja is offering a special combination ticket for 2013 for bikers who want to explore the beautiful area in Finland and Estonia .

The journey to the north starts from Kiel on modern cruise ships .

Well-developed roads and impressive nature await you in Finland on a trip up to the Russian border. The metropolises of Finland, on the other hand, offer vibrant life, just like the up-and-coming city of Tallinn , where the historic old town is just as attractive as the nightlife with clubs and bars.

For just 278 euros for 2 people with a bike you can travel from Kiel to Gothenburg, Stockholm and Tallinn in a comfortable inside cabin in the low season.

On the cruise ferries you can expect bars, restaurants and a variety of on-board entertainment so that the tour can start in a relaxed manner.

Motorcycle tour to the north!
Motorcycle tour to the north!

You can either travel back just as comfortably by ship or return by land (Tallinn- Hamburg 1650 KM) and enjoy a route that offers attractive cities and landscapes.

Information and bookings at:
Tel. 040- 547541222

The following routes are available:
– Kiel – Gothenburg & Stockolm- Helsinki vv

– Kiel – Gothenburg & Stochkolm – Turku vv

– Kiel – Gothenburg & Stockholm – Tallinn vv
– Kiel – Gothenburg & Stockholm – Riga vv

Text and image: Copyright Tallink / Fotolia

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