Valuable technology tips for everyday motorcycle life from Continental
Continental tires, on Harley-Davidson E-Glide

Continental provides service information for motorcyclists

• Valuable technology tips for everyday motorcycling
• Optimum driving behavior, minimal wear
• Pressing the bench for tire pressure

Hanover/Korbach, March 2, 2020. The tire is the link between the road and the vehicle. Its diverse properties ensure that positive and negative acceleration are brought to the asphalt just as safely as changes in direction due to handlebar movements or lean angles. The “Black Ring” deserves our attention all the more - and it is often the little things in motorcycle life that can achieve great things.

Continental and Harley-Davidson E-Glide
Continental and Harley-Davidson E-Glide

For example, the air pressure in the tire: Getting it right is a small thing that can have a big impact - driving behavior is optimal and wear is minimal. A guide from Continental service technicians, which is now available online free of charge, explains why vehicle manufacturers make recommendations regarding air pressure. In addition to the air pressure, there are other useful tips for everyday motorcycling: When should a tire be replaced? What can I do to get stability problems under control? How do I use sealant correctly? When is a tire really “old”?

The Continental experts have put together a total of seven pieces of technical service information on frequently occurring questions about motorcycle and scooter tires for dealers and end users, which are available as a free download at / in the “Worth Knowing” section .

Text & image credit: Continental 2020

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