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Sportster S parts from Rick's

New Sportster S parts from Rick's

The first Sportster S models are just being delivered and the first conversion parts are already coming from Rick's Motorcycles. The first step was to unscrew the rear bracket. Instead, the license plate with Rick's license plate holder was moved to the side. The license plate holder complies with the 30 degree regulation and is available with ABE.

The license plate base plate also deserves attention. Thanks to the practical insert, the license plate is particularly easy to attach and doesn't even need to be drilled.

The reflector and the entire rear lighting were mounted under the tail section using the holder specially developed by Rick's. Thanks to Kellermann 3 in 1 Atto DF with ECE number, these can also be used in road traffic in Germany.

Rick's also has some innovations in the program for the Sportster front end. The most striking thing is the headlight mask, an easy-to-attach custom part that noticeably optimizes the look. The standard indicators were also replaced by Kellermann Atto, which can be hidden under the handlebar controls thanks to holders from Rick's.

At www.ricks-motorcycles.com you will find all the new Sportster S parts from Rick's Motorcycles, as well as a link to the Rick's shop.

Information from Rick's Motorcycles Baden-Baden

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