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July 23rd to 25th, 2021 in Dresden at the Ostragehege

Who would have thought that something that doesn't seem possible in many places in the country would actually be sorted out in Saxony. And it looks like they really came up with something in the short planning time and found good solutions in consultation with the authorities.

The event is located close to town and takes place on a 65,000 square meter area, where you don't run into each other's feet, which are very good conditions for a good event.

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Online ticket sales start on Friday at 10:00 a.m

Online ticket sales on Friday, July 9, 21 at 10:00 a.m. Due to the regulations, the event must be carried out in a personalized manner, which is guaranteed by the ticket. According to Harleysite information, vaccinated and recovering people will be allowed entry and a tent will be set up in front of the area where you can get tested. Everything is done to ensure that there are no special waiting times during testing. Whether everyone thinks this is a good thing or not is secondary, but it is certainly possible to hold an event that is safe for everyone involved from all aspects.

In addition to the Harley scene, the event is also important for the exhibitors. There are still stands available, and exhibitors who have to travel a long distance will be accommodated economically due to the difficult situation for everyone involved. Email address for exhibitors

Dresden is particularly worth a trip during Harley Days

Dresden itself is worth a trip and combined with a Harley event, it's a great opportunity to take a weekend off. There are beautiful routes in the area that bring you closer to the beautiful nature, which you can enjoy on the Harley and stroll a little through downtown Dresden. The highlight is certainly the event area at the Ostragehege, where we meet like-minded Harley friends and can finally admire a few machines together again.

Another campaign is planned for Sunday, but this will only be announced in the livestream next week on the Harley Days Dresden Facebook page at the earliest, and official inquiries are still ongoing.

Harleysite will accompany this event with media, after a long event break it's finally starting again!

Tickets are available from Friday 10:00 a.m

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