Too fast

The motorcyclist

A Brenner driver drives really slowly on the A45 and is stopped by the police. Brenner driver: “Oh, was I too fast?” Policeman: “For God’s sake! You can drive faster. There should be like 100 things in there!” Brenner driver: “But there are signs everywhere with the A 16, A 45 and A17; on it!"

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The can of Vaseline and the Harley rider

A biker buys a new Harley that shines with chrome.
The seller gives him another tip: “Before it starts to rain, you should always rub the chrome with Vaseline. This means it always stays shiny and rust has no chance! I’ll give you this can of Vaseline for free!”. Great, thinks the biker. With the new machine he drives up to his girlfriend, who has invited him to dinner to get to know her family. Everything is going well, the parents have a very good impression of their daughter's new boyfriend. Shortly before dessert, the daughter says to her friend:

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