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Now the Harley Days are taking place in Hamburg.

The Hamburg Harley Days 2010 are now taking place in Hamburg; the Hamburg Senate reached an agreement with the organizer on Monday to allow the traditional event to take place this year. The Hamburg cultural authority has announced that the space at the Hamburg wholesale market will be made available to the organizer and not the space at Heiligengeist Feld.  

In addition, the Hamburg Harley Days are only permitted in Hamburg every two years. The date from June 25th to 27th, 2010 can be switched to green again.  

Over 40,000 thousand signatures have now been submitted for the Hamburg Harley Days, so you can say that the Harley community has successfully pushed through the first resolution of the Hamburg Senate.

It is certainly also thanks to the Hamburg company Louis and the hotel industry, which united behind Harley-Davidson. The proportion of the population who are against this event is, in any case, very small and was predominantly only found in politics.

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The fact that the event is now taking place is not only a success for the organizer, but also for the city of Hamburg, which now lives up to its name “Metropolis Hamburg” again.

Sometimes politicians have to be forced to make their luck, but in any case the Harley flags can now be raised again. 


Wholesale market (near Willy-Brandt-Straße)

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