OCC Paul Teutul Sr. – I'll be back – I'll be back!

Orange County Choppers 5314Yes, he's coming to Europe again, even this year! triggered Hamburg despite a long break

I accompanied him during the days in Hamburg, he barely got through at the Hamburg Harley Days , the tent was literally besieged by the fans, they all remember him well from the TV!

He's authentic, a really cool guy, in my first interview with Paul on the Elbe, he always looked at me so coolly that you couldn't ignore the nervousness, he's an old hand in front of the camera, his programs are broadcast in over 160 countries.

Even in China he is very well known, the Chinese Harley bikers who were guests in Hamburg all knew him and the Russians from St. Petersburg were just as enthusiastic about him.

He had been announced many times in Germany, he never knew anything about it himself. When I told him about it, he replied: If I say I'm coming, then I'll come too, one man, one word! His friend Volker from Hamburg brought him and Sam to the Elbe. One reason for his visit is that DMAX is re-publishing the show in the USA, the first recordings are being made now, and a part of it will also be filmed in Hamburg later. We can assume that the new Orange County Choppers season will be broadcast in Germany next year.

Here are a few more pictures from Paul Teutul Sr.'s visit to the Hamburg Harley Days 2016.


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