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Open House at Harley-Davidson authorized dealers on April 23, 2022

Next weekend the open house continues at many Harley-Davidson dealers in the country. , Harley-Davidson Bremen-Stuhr will be celebrating Open House on two days, on Friday, April 22nd and Saturday, April 23rd, 2022. Further Open House dates, as far as we know the date, can be found in the listed list.

They will be opening their stores there this weekend on Saturday, April 23, 2022. As you probably know, many of the new Harley-Davidson models will be presented and supplies and entertainment will also be provided. But the best thing will be to finally meet like-minded people again.

You will only get to see the Low Rider ST with a lot of luck; the chances of seeing the Street and Road Glide ST 117 are much higher. There are also higher chances of seeing the Pan America 2022 with the new quickshifter and the slightly larger display and the Low Rider S 117 could also be there. Unfortunately, it is not known which dealer has what in the store.

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CANCELED – Harley-Davidson Wetzlar

The Open House at Harley-Davidson Wetzlar on Saturday, April 23, 2022 was unfortunately canceled for organizational reasons. The alternatives in April are the HD Wiesbaden Open House on April 23rd. or that of the Harley Factory Frankfurt on April 30, 2022. It will take place in Wetzlar in May, the date will be announced later.

Harley-Davidson Wetzlar – Industriestraße 3 – 35582 Wetzlar

External web link: Harley-Davidson Wetzlar

Harley-Davidson Hamburg South

Open House on April 23, 2022 at Harley-Davidson Hamburg Süd in Seevetal
Open House on April 23, 2022 at Harley-Davidson Hamburg Süd in Seevetal

In the south of Hamburg in Seevetal, the first Open House of this year is taking place at Harley-Davidson Hamburg Süd. The gates are open for you from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Included are the Heisse Ecke, Kleiner Rabauke, Atelier Bolno Tattoo, Custom Corner, Buckanear Leder-Design, Harley-Davidson Insurance Service, the Nordheide Chapter and First Aid for Bikers! Cool drinks are also provided.

External link: Harley-Davidson Hamburg Süd

Route 51 meeting at Börjes Bremen-Stuhr

Harley-Davidson Bremen Open House Route 51 Meeting
Harley-Davidson Bremen Open House Route 51 Meeting

The new Harley-Davidson store in Bremen-Stuhr opened in spring 2020, but so far it has not been possible to properly celebrate the opening due to the C measures. This will now be done accordingly from April 22nd to 23rd, 2022. An extensive program with many highlights awaits you:

Big test drive campaign from Harley-Davidson with the new ST models, the Pan America, the new Sportster models and much more

  • MechaniX@Work – Look over the shoulders of our workshop guys
  • The Aller-Weser Chapter introduces itself
  • Clothing, accessories and parts from the 2022 season
  • Sound tuning with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde and with KessTech

Of course, your physical well-being is also adequately taken care of. There is a wide range from beer stalls to snack stands. Ice cream, coffee and cake are of course also included. Many other exhibitors are waiting for your visit around the most beautiful hobby in the world and offer a lot of new things from the motorcycle sector.

Route 51 Meeting
Main Street 55 |
28816 Stuhr Friday April 22nd / Saturday April 23rd
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

External link: Harley-Davidson Bremen Stuhr

Harley-Davidson Wiesbaden


At Harley-Davidson Wiesbaden the doors will open for you on April 23rd, 2022!

Meet your friends, plan the best rides of the season and be inspired by the latest fashion, the best parts and of course the brand new 2022 bikes from Milwaukee, USA. Do you want to replace the handlebars, seat, exhaust or other parts on your bike?

No problem! We have a lot of good stuff available both in terms of clothing and accessories and of course the brand new Harley models for 2022 await you, which you can test drive to your heart's content - provided the weather is good.  

Harley-Davidson Wiesbaden Kasteler Straße 44 65203 Wiesbaden

External link: Harley-Davidson Wiesbaden

Open House at Harley-Davidson Hanover

Open House at Harley-Davidson Hannover is on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

The doors will also open for you in Hanover this weekend. It took a long time before we could meet again at a hearty spring open house. Now it's finally starting again! In addition to the brand new 2022 Harley-Davidson models, the Factory Group also has a special promotion for bikers with ambitious demands for a good sound system. At the start of the season there is a special promotion for the new Rockford Fosgate audio system.

Harley-Davidson Hanover – Grambartstrasse 27 – 30165 Hanover

External link: Harley-Davidson Hannover

Harley-Davidson Leipzig Open House 2022

Harley-Davidson Leipzig Open House 2022
Harley-Davidson Leipzig Open House 2022

The new 2022 bike season will also start in Leipzig. There will be music and beautiful bikes to look at and touch.

Harley-Davidson Leipzig – Dortmunder Str. 2 04357 Leipzig – Open House from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 23, 2022

External link: Harley-Davidson Leipzig

The list may not be complete, so check your dealer's website directly if necessary.

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