Over for the Hamburg-Harley Days 2010

harley-days-2009_54.jpgThis news hits the Harley scene like a bomb. The Hamburg Senate has rejected Hamburg Now many Harley fans who had to rebook their hotels last year have to react; because the date was postponed, they can cancel their hotel this year.

One reason for this is said to be that Hamburg was named environmental capital in 2011, then an event like the HH Days would not fit into the overall picture.

Even in previous years, the organizer was constantly stressed about the venue as they had to constantly look for other event spaces within the city. Although similar events always take place on the Heiligengeistfeld, the Harley Days were said to have been too loud.

According to press releases, most of the opponents come from the Hamburg GAL, other institutions mourn the enormous economic damage to the city of Hamburg.

The current alternative is the major event in Lübeck, which had its debut in Schleswig-Holstein's largest city last year and was a huge success. Unlike in Hamburg, Harley riders were welcome there.

From a tourist perspective it is catastrophic for Hamburg, events of this kind bring a good clientele to the city and are entertainment for the whole family.

It's not just Harley riders who are out and about during the event, on the contrary, many visitors from the surrounding area who just want to take a look take part in this spectacle.

But that was probably too much for Hamburg, ok, if you can afford it, that's how it should be!!!!

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