Pan America 1250 Harley Davidson 2021


The Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 is a robust, powerful and technologically advanced multi-purpose bike. It offers an impressive and intuitive driving experience as well as a confident style.


A focus in the development of the Pan America models was performance and weight minimization. They dominated the design of the engine as well as the selection of materials and the design of each individual component. The goal was to achieve the best possible power-to-weight ratio. Therefore, the engine acts as a supporting element of the chassis, making a conventional frame obsolete.

Three elements – a robust tubular steel construction for the steering head, a centrally positioned segment and a rear frame – are bolted directly to the drive train. This design reduces the weight of the motorcycle and results in a rigid chassis that contributes to precise handling.

At the rear, a cast light alloy swing arm reduces the unsprung masses. With a wheelbase of 1,580 millimeters, the chassis proves to be ideal for extended tours with a pillion passenger and luggage. At the same time, it impresses with its agile handling off-road.

PAN AMERICA 1250 Revolution engine
Pan America Cut-Away Engine

The light alloy cast spoke wheels (19 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear) are as stable as they are lightweight and are ideal for driving on asphalt and unpaved surfaces. To meet the requirements of adventure tours, Harley-Davidson worked with Michelin to develop the Scorcher Adventure tire for the Pan America models.

With an aggressive lug pattern, the Michelin Anakee Wild, available as an option through Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories, is the right choice for riders who prefer a tougher off-road style and seek maximum off-road traction.

Brembo brakes

Together with Brembo, Harley-Davidson has designed a new braking system for the Pan America models that guarantees excellent deceleration. The four-piston monoblock brake calipers on the front wheel act on two floating 320-millimeter brake discs.

The system forms a successful synthesis of rigidity, optimal deceleration and low weight. The 280-millimeter brake disc on the rear wheel is acted upon by a Brembo two-piston brake caliper. A new, lightweight brake cylinder and an adjustable hand lever are also used on the front wheel.

Adjustable suspension

At the front end of the Pan America 1250 there is a Showa upside-down fork with a dip tube diameter of 47 millimeters. Spring preload as well as rebound and compression stages of the damping are adjustable. At the rear, a Showa central spring strut with a compensation reservoir is used, the spring preload of which is hydraulically adjustable.

It is controlled via a progressive lever system, which proves to be advantageous both on the road and off-road. There is 191 millimeters of suspension travel available at the front and rear.

Touchscreen display

All instrument and infotainment functions are displayed on a pivoting 6.8-inch TFT (thin-film transistor) touchscreen that excels in sharpness and contrast. The anti-reflective surface makes it easier to read even in poor lighting conditions. The touchscreen function is deactivated while driving.

Touchscreen Pan America 1250 Harley Davidson 2021
Touchscreen Pan America 1250 Harley Davidson 2021

However, the driver can then control various functions of the display using controls on the handlebars. Infotainment functions such as listening to music and making phone calls can be generated and displayed via a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. Map navigation can be done via the free Harley-Davidson app for iOS and Android or via the other apps on a connected smartphone.

Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements

The Pan America 1250 is equipped with Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements, a package of electronic assistance systems that prove helpful in difficult road conditions and dangerous situations. They are controlled electronically and are based on the most modern chassis, braking and drive control technology.

This includes a sensor system (Inertial Measurement Unit, IMU) - a spatial combination of several inertial sensors - which allows the system to intervene even in an inclined position. The Pan America 1250 features cornering-optimized electronic brake force distribution, a cornering anti-lock braking system, cornering traction control, cornering traction control and a vehicle hold assistant.

Driving modes

The driving modes electronically regulate the driving dynamics of the machine and specify the intensity of the electronic interventions. Five modes are available for the basic model, four of which are pre-programmed and one can be individually defined. In addition, the Pan America 1250 Special has two additional modes that can be freely configured by the owner.

Touchscreen Pan America 1250 Harley Davidson 2021
Touchscreen Pan America 1250 Harley Davidson 2021

The pre-programmed driving modes are Road, Sport, Rain, Off-Road and Off-Road Plus. Each driving mode includes a specific combination of power delivery, engine braking, cornering ABS and cornering traction control. The driver uses the mode button on the right handlebar to change the driving mode while driving or while stationary.

Other features of the Pan America 1250

• The lightweight stainless steel exhaust system is designed to meet global noise and emissions standards including Euro V without compromising durability or driving experience. The compact and lightweight catalytic converter is located as close to the engine as possible to keep waste heat away from the driver.

Two silencers, one under the engine and the other on the right at the rear, offer plenty of volume for effective sound insulation with low exhaust back pressure. Performance benefits from this. At the same time, the exhaust system is designed for a high ground clearance in order to avoid damage when driving off-road and not to impair the lean angle.

• The driver's seat can be adjusted to two different seat heights for an optimal seating position. No tools are required to adjust the seat height.

• The windshield can be adjusted with one hand in four positions and over a range of 46 millimeters using a lever next to the touchscreen.

• A cruise control device is available as standard.

• With a capacity of 21.2 liters, the light metal tank ensures an adequate range. An inlet port located far at the front is not covered by standard tank bags, which makes refueling easier because the tank bag does not have to be removed. With its shape, the tank leaves plenty of space for a large airbox underneath.

• The Pan America 1250 features full LED lighting that combines an exciting design with outstanding functionality. Another focus is maximum robustness for off-road operation. When developing the Daymaker Signature LED headlight, the latest photometric analysis methods were used to achieve daylight, but at the same time homogeneous illumination of the road without annoying hotspots.

• The front indicators are well protected under the protective bar.

• The machine is available in Vivid Black and River Rock Gray paint colors.

The technical data and prices of the Pan America 1250 at a glance

Pan America 1250 (RA 1250)
Power kW (HP)/rpm:   112 (152)/8.750
Torque Nm/rpm:128/6.750
Empty weight including operating materials (ready to drive) kg:245 (RA 1250S: 258)
Fuel consumption l:approx. 5.5
Guarantee:four years
Standing noise:90dB(A) / 3800 rpm
Driving noise: 75dB(A)
Expected to be on sale in Germany/Austria: June 2021
Recommended retail prices Germany
from 15,995 euros (plus transport and setup fee of 560 euros)
Recommended retail prices Austria
from 18,995 euros (including transport and setup fee)

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