News in brief - New Pan America 975?
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Pan America RA965S and RA975 rumors

Rumors about two smaller Pan America engine versions have been floating around the internet for a few days. There is talk of a RA965S and RA975 version. These type identifiers were discovered more by chance; they were included in the designation of parts from the new Harley-Davidson “Wild One” Collection. first reported on it.

Pan America RA965S and RA975 Rumors 1
Pan America RA965S and RA975 Rumors 3

What the terms really mean would be pure speculation at this point. I would even go so far as to say that if Harley-Davidson wanted to bring these two models to Europe during the season, they would have introduced small Pan America models together with the Sportster Nighster.

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Another clue could be the starting price of the Sportster Nextster, because it's not really attractive in terms of price. If the smaller engine versions are not noticeably cheaper than the larger ones, then where is the selling point of the small ones? The scarce transport capacities are currently being allocated to models that bring more profit.

Let’s wait and see, anything is possible at Harley-Davidson at the moment.

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