Orange County Choppers Legend – Paul Teutul Sr. has arrived at Lake Faak

Paul has arrived at Lake Faaker See European Bike Week without much notice , he is in the surrounding area on an alpine pasture with a great view over the mountain ranges and is enjoying the peace and quiet.

Today Paul Teutul Sr. gave the first exclusive interview to Austria's “Kleine Zeitung” and met with the journalist Helmut Gram, directly in his home on the Alm. The interview can be read Kleine Zeitung Helmut Gram reports enthusiastically about the meeting, a great interview that he was able to conduct with him at his leisure.

Nick Mariconi_DSC_5950Paul has already heard a lot about the event at Lake Faaker See , but hasn't had the opportunity to come to Austria yet. Further information about Paul's visit will follow on Wednesday.

He came from the States with his son Mike and a family friend. On Wednesday his crazy nephew Nick Mariconi following along. He's absolutely afraid of flying. It's also possible that he'll jump off the gangway beforehand, but that would be the case It's a shame, because he's a really cool guy and will almost certainly appear in the new American Choppers seasons that are being planned. Link to report

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