On Sunday Peter Maffay was in the Rostock town hall , he rocked around the stage for a full 3 hours and you got the impression that he was getting better and better! A very impressive show, great words on current topics and a Peter with power, the moments when he had fans on stage were sometimes very emotional. When a young girl gave him a tight hug, you could see his joy and gratitude, a little surprised, but the way he looked up said it all at that moment. They have been touring the country since mid-January and you can tell from the band that they are all passionate about it.

Thoroughbred musicians drive the fans through the show so powerfully that the three hours are actually over far too quickly. There's incredible logistics behind the tour, the cool trucks are waiting to be loaded after the rock party and off we go to the next city. All very impressive!

Respect to the whole crew!!!

When the sky cries music video, which was filmed in the Hamburg cult club “Logo”,…

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