Peter Maffay comments on the refugee crisis

“Peter Maffay sends clear words to refugees!” This headline was found in the “Welt” on Sunday, but that is not his wording and he expressly refrains from using it! Bild am Sonntag gave an interview to Peter Maffay in which he said the following: “I know the fear of coming to a foreign country, of not knowing the language.” What he doesn’t know, however, is “the fear of being on someone to climb a rusty boat doomed to sink”.

Nobody knows how many refugees are already in the country, there are said to be over a million, possibly more, and the migration of people is not yet over. But the community representatives are at their wits' end, they no longer know what to do with the refugees, winter is just around the corner and new ones are arriving every day.

Peter Maffay says we shouldn't lie to ourselves! An upper limit of one million is already a proud number, the fact that he takes a stand on the topic gives his statement even more weight, he doesn't need this publicity, he is swimming against the tide with his statement, artists like Herbert Grönemeyer or Til Schweiger are more likely different opinion, but to each his own!

Peter Maffay on the refugee crisis

Peter Maffay takes a clear position on the subject of the refugee crisis in the Abendschau interview...

Posted by Abendschau on Thursday, October 29, 2015

He is particularly concerned that we have our rules; women's equality must be recognized by the refugees just like all our rules.

Peter Maffay's attitude is very sensible, he is a kind-hearted person and very religious himself, but faith is not above the basic law, this must be conveyed to the refugees if they want to live here, there are rules that must be adhered to, There is no other way to prevent parallel societies.

Peter Maffay has dedicated a large part of his life to projects that help people who do not spend their lives on the sunny side of life. What many other bikers also do, they enjoy supporting aid projects wherever they can and collecting donations for a good cause. And if Peter Maffay puts himself in danger with his statement that others might want to put him in the right-wing corner, let them know that that's not the case, he's just simply right!

Here are some reports: Bildzeitung Stern

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