Peter Maffay | His heart for children beats as powerfully as the powerful V-twin engine of a Harley-Davidson.

He is one of us, he fights tirelessly for the Peter Maffay Foundation without any fear of contact, his fans thank him and whenever he calls, they are there! Wednesday before his concert on Saturday in Bad Segeberg am Kalkberg it was that time again in Hamburg at Harley-Davidson Nord, in favor of the “Peter Maffay Foundation” Peter Maffay called in cooperation with the “Entrepreneurs Hamburg”, Möhls Jevenstedt, 4elements and the Harley-Davidson Davidson represented Hamburg North for the charity run.

The tour with over 100 Harley-Davidson machines went from Hamburg Nedderfeld with a stopover via Klein Gladebrügge to Kalkberg to Bad Segeberg.

The stopover at an estate was used for gas talks and photo-taking; Peter Maffay gave the bikers lots of autographs in a relaxed atmosphere. You could see that he had fun too. Peter Maffay group photo.jpg

In between, an interview for a television team that was there and after a nice group photo we continued on to Bad Segeberg. The tour, which didn't take the direct route to Bad Segeberg, was very nice and in some small villages people were probably very surprised at what kind of group of Harleys were cruising through the landscape.

The trip was perfectly organized and accompanied by the two HOG Chapter Checkpoint Chapter Hamburg and the Hanseatic Chapter Hamburg. Of course, members from the Metropolitan Chapter also took part in the charity tour.


When we arrived in Bad Segeberg there was plenty of sausage and meat at a moderate price. Peter was always there too, but after a short refreshment he had to prepare for the upcoming sound check.

Then it finally started, his great band recorded the guitars and drums and the Philharmonic Volkswagen Orchestra was ready for the first sounds.

It was a special event and when his voice resonated in the Kalberg Arena and he sang some of his most beautiful pieces of music, everyone felt goosebumps. 

It was a special day and we don't want to forget that it is primarily about supporting the children of the “Peter Maffay Foundation”. If you ever plan an event for a good cause, don't forget it!

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