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Photos from the European Bike Week 2013 at Lake Faak

The time has come, the first photos from Faaker See 2013 are in the online gallery.

The photos are from Thursday and were taken in Drobollach, at the Harley Village and on the Arneiz grounds. 

There are still pictures from the bike shows at Harley Village and Arneitz, as well as many other impressions from the event.

Here are the links to the gallery…

(Tip! You can also move through the photos using the arrow key on your keyboard.) 

Gallery overview

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39 photos from Arneitz

352 photos of Harley Village

288 photos by Drobollach

194 photos from the bike show at Harley Village on Friday.

127 photos of Drobollach and the Harley Village on Saturday

81 photos from the Arneitz Custom-Chrome bike show

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