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Welcome to the Harleysite Podcast ! The very popular form of entertainment has been successfully expanding the Harleysite offering since summer 2021. You can find the Harleysite Podcast on my special podcast server and all well-known streaming providers such as Spotify , Apple Podcast , Deezer Podcast , Google Podcast , TuneIn Alexa and many others.

50000 downloads Harleysite Podcast
50000 downloads Harleysite Podcast

The Success of Podcasts: Why We Love Listening While We're Busy

Podcasts are so popular that scientists at universities are racking their brains. Basically you could just explain it, while you're busy doing other things, you often have an ear free to listen and that's the success gap of a podcast.

And because I always have a lot to say, I can express myself wonderfully in a podcast. This is how I turn current news into a podcast. There is not only communication between people, but also the written word in the voice output.

This entire configuration and creating a podcast is complex and sometimes expensive, but the technical aspect is less of a problem for me and even if no one wanted to listen, it's still fun. And I have to recoup the costs somehow through cooperation partners.

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I have created my own podcast server, which now has over 50,000 downloads, and of course there are many other podcast providers, such as Apple, Google Podcast, or, for example, YouTube , where I also have my podcast available to you you can hear it where I prefer to be.

Of course it's especially nice when you listen a lot 🙂

I hope you enjoy my following podcast series!

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