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POL-SE: Segeberg district – Police announce checks on motorcycles

As in previous years, the Bad Segeberg motorway and district police station is also monitoring motorcycle traffic in the district this year.

Even though the number of accidents involving motorcycles in Schleswig-Holstein was at a 15-year low in 2020 according to the traffic safety report, 18 motorcyclists still died nationwide as a result of their injuries. In the Segeberg district there were 99 traffic accidents involving motorcyclists in 2020. A total of 74 people were slightly injured and 31 were seriously injured. A driver died.

Experience has shown that it is not just the so-called Todesfelder curves (Kreisstrasse 109) that are heavily frequented when the weather is good, especially on weekends. With seven accidents, the most in the district occurred here in 2020. With the start of spring and the better weather that comes with it, more and more motorized two-wheeled riders are taking to the streets. Accordingly, the police are paying particular attention to popular motorcycle routes in the district this season.

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In addition to the main focus on “speed”, the specialized officers will ensure that the motorcycles are in a technically perfect condition during stop checks. A sound level meter is also used here. There are also regular complaints from residents about speeding motorcyclists or motorcycles that are too loud and the associated noise pollution.

The officers from the highway and district police stations receive support from their colleagues from the locally responsible police stations in Kaltenkirchen and Bad Segeberg. In this context, the police appeal to the common sense of all road users. Improper speed is still one of the main causes of accidents. Accidents result in serious injuries or fatalities every year. The aim of the controls is to increase traffic safety and protect residents from excessive noise pollution.

In compliance with the current hygiene regulations and depending on the weather conditions on the day of the inspection, the Bad Segeberg Police Department invites interested media representatives to accompany one of the inspections. The press office of the Bad Segeberg Police Department accepts registrations from media representatives using the contact details listed below.

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3 thoughts on “POL-SE: Segeberg district – police announce checks on motorcycles”

  1. They should prosecute those responsible and not place all motorcyclists under general suspicion.

  2. To be honest, I can't listen to all the fuss about deaths, speeders and machines that are too loud anymore. Let's take a look at the 2020 report from ADAC:

    Number of Pedelec drivers killed has increased.
    More detailed results on the development of traffic types are so far only available for the period January to November 2020: A decline in the number of traffic deaths has been recorded for almost all types of traffic.

    In 2020, 14.3 percent fewer car occupants died (-176 people), 8.6 percent, or 51 fewer, motorcyclists died, and 12.9 percent, or 40 fewer, cyclists died. There was also a decline of 9.1 percent (–33 people) among pedestrians. In contrast, the number of Pedelec riders killed rose by 22 (+19.1) percent to 137 people.

    The number of motorcycle riders killed fell by 8.6%, while the number of brainless, reckless and revolutionary Pedelec riders exploded at 19.1%. Here the law enforcement officials don't dare to control the speed and changes for even faster driving. And why not? Because there is a corresponding lobby (Greens) and old people (main users of this vehicle) behind it and you don't want to mess it up with them, because after all, these are a correspondingly large clientele of voters for the next state or federal election.

    It is now unbelievable what is happening in this country on the part of law enforcement. Generally, those are picked out and “cracked” where one expects and receives the least resistance. They don't really dare to approach real dangers and clans because they are afraid of publicity and negative media presence. We stupid Germans can let our own compatriots regulate us and harass us to the point of blood, while our “guests” behave as if the country belongs to them alone. When I see what's going on in Offenbach or Frankfurt in the evening, I can feel fear and anxiety.

    Because of a driving ban of 4 weeks (with 120KM per year), three (!) police officers, still green behind the ears, in full gear with flak jacket and MPs stood in my yard to collect the FS, made a crazy spectacle, like that that all neighbors also knew about it. All they needed was for them to detonate a space bomb when they opened the front door…………unbelievable!!!!!! And I have never been in debt in this country; I have been paying enormous taxes for 35 years, including my salary.

    Thank you Germany.

    But the main thing is that our friends and helpers can take their control madness to the extreme………why aren’t AUDI R8s, Lambos, Mercedes C63s etc. checked for noise? These are far above the “healthy” noise levels. Or is it because you don't dare to approach the drivers of the different clans…………..

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