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Finally the time has come! You can now pre-order the new issue 02-21 of DREAM MACHINES in our online kiosk . Especially in these times, you no longer have to leave the house to get the new reading material and can lie comfortably on the sofa and wait for the postman. And it comes before the magazine is even on the kiosk.

First come first serve

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For the first 210 pre-orders in our online kiosk, we'll give you something great on top. 210 hot-off-the-press posters with the current 2021 Harley-Davidson models ! One copy each for everyone who pre-orders the second edition from our online kiosk. Otherwise, this exclusive poster is reserved for our subscribers . Pre-order the second edition here

What's in issue 02-21?

DREAM-MACHINES 02-21 is the first print magazine in Germany to report on the brand new and hotly anticipated 2021 Harley-Davidson model year ROADBOOK Road Glide Limited clarifies which Harley-Davidson Tourer is the better.

In addition, the magazine traces in a detailed article with historical images how Harley-Davidson was swallowed up by the conglomerate AMF at the end of the 1960s. In the test part, almost twenty stylish textile jackets are examined.

The travel report about a fantastic Harley tour on Fuerteventura and Lanzarote awakens wanderlust with many wonderful photos and the entire fascination and range of American V2 dreams is presented in several large-format bike portraits.

Order the new issue of DREAM MACHINES 02-21 online today and we will deliver it hot off the press.

Text & image credit: Garage21

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