The premiere of American Chopper 2018

Together Paul we watched the premiere of American Chopper.

The premiere of the new season on the Discovery Channel started successfully on March 1st and we watched the first episode together with Paul in the OCC Cafe. The first program is a bit melancolic, it deals with the relationship between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., you can immediately see that the junior doesn't find it easy to talk about it.

American Chopper Evan 0010All the stress has caused deep wounds, but they are on the right track. They will certainly no longer work together in a shop, but they are both an important part of the show and Mikey is staying out of it, which is for the best what he can do. In any case, the relationship between the two is improving again, and the new series helps them with that.  American chopper Evan 6700

Paul Sr.'s nephew Nick Mariconie is new to the show; he has been working here for a long time and is just as much a part of it as the mechanics Allen, Phil and Evan. Evan Favaro is a very quiet but great guy, we were able to visit him in his own workshop, he really has something, more on that later.

Unfortunately, no information can be published about Aykut's GTO project yet; the GTO custom bike will be presented to the public on April 15th at an event organized by Orange County Choppers customers directly in Florida.

American Chopper Evan 6693Aykut works on the bike together with Evan and Paul, a lot of manual work is required here, the fairing and cases of the bike are handmade from sheet metal. It's really good to see how the bike slowly takes shape.

OCC premiere with Paul Teutul Sr

Paul is a big fan of Aykut's work, which directly prompted him to wear Aykut's t-shirt

In the next blog we'll show you Evan's workshop, it's a really cool typical American biker garage, there are some very unusual bikes and vehicles to see there.


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