Drive-in cinema Hamburg "Changing Times" Hamburg Harley Days


It was something new for the biker world, something completely new and not everyone had the idea of ​​how it was supposed to work. I wouldn't have expected it to be so comfortable either. Unfortunately, this campaign was not received as well as it deserved. They wanted to set an example Hamburg during these “tumultuous times

In the afternoon it was a rather sad sight, some people made themselves comfortable in the sun loungers with parasols in front of the big screen in the sweltering heat and others didn't even come to watch the cult film “ Easy Rider ” in the heat. This is even understandable, because the thermometer was well over 30° on the Holy Spirit Field .

In the evening the “We Will Rock You” show with Uwe Bahn . We Will Rock You was the motto, it wasn't just about Queen, as some people thought, but rather a look back at the old rock and heavy metal era, about which Uwe Bahn was able to tell many stories backstage. What the professional presenter with a lot of rock experience did was really entertaining and good. I could well imagine Uwe Bahn bringing this show to the Hamburg Harley Days , that was really cool.

The main program was filled with AC/DC “River Plate” Live , the big screen let us be totally involved. Lying next to the Harley in a lounge chair in front of this huge TV at a cozy 26° with the headphones on full AK. It was amazing and it was really something new. Luckily, by the evening a few more bikers had gathered to enjoy this new kind of rock party .

I could well imagine that if they just did the “We Will Rock You” show again in the evening, now that everyone knows what's going on, it would be full. Because basically there has always been this connection between good rock music and riding a Harley , they somehow belong together. And the drive-in cinema “Moving Times” was a good way to combine this in an entertaining way in these really turbulent times.

Text and image credits: Copyright Harleysite

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